‘Luoyang’ Episodes 27 & 28: A Change in the Plans?

‘Luoyang’ Episodes 27 & 28: An Alter in the Plans?
Luoyang Episode 27 & 28

‘Luoyang’ Episodes 27 & 28 are going to hit the screens very soon. The C-Drama has created an appreciative fanbase. All the viewers out there are waiting eagerly for the new episodes to come up, and they have flooded the internet with their own theories and edits about the show. It is good to see that the drama series is getting the needed recognition.

The genres of the show have been a kind of magnet and have attracted heavy numbers of audiences towards the show. People out there love stories based on history and mystery. The thrill and suspense in those kinds of stories make them really intrigued, and that plays a major role.

Luoyang has done the same for everyone. With its incredible suspense level and genre portrayal, it has done a great job in getting everyone’s eyes on it. It is one of the most in-demand drama series of the month and is going to be the same for a long time now.

Here, we are going to talk about the upcoming episodes of the show and to tell you all the needed details about the same. So, let’s have a quick skim inside.

‘Luoyang’ Episodes 27 & 28: When Are the Episodes Going to Air?

‘Luoyang’ Episodes 27 & 28 are going to air on December 18, 2021, at 5:30 PM. With each passing episode, the show has managed to create a highlighted storyline with a real good flowing pattern. It has portrayed its genres in quite an extravagant way, and undoubtedly, the results have been really good.

All the previous episodes of the show have been really appealing for everyone out there, and the layered formation of the plot points are plus points. The drama series has been stacking up the internet with its intriguing cast performance and engaging plot points. It is no surprise that the show has been winning hearts with every new episode, and there has been huge progress.

‘Luoyang’ Episodes 27 & 28: An Alter in the Plans?
Luoyang Episode 27

Wang Yi Bo, Huang Xuan, Victoria Song, and Song Yi are the leads of the Chinese drama series, and they have done incredibly well with their characters. Their characters i.e., Baili Hongyi, Gao Bing Zhu, Wu Siyue, and Liu Ran, are some of the most loved ones on the internet for now.

Undoubtedly, they have taken everyone under their spell of perfect acting and adaptation. They have done a perfect job in making the show a worth-watch.

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‘Luoyang’ Episodes 27 & 28: Where to Watch?

There are not many options available out there when it comes to the streaming of the show. You have to search the internet thoroughly, and we are sure that you will definitely find some sources out there. If you are comfortable with watching the show by taking a subscription, then you can switch to the streaming platform called “iQiyi”. Once you are done with this, then you are all free to surf all the upcoming and already released episodes of the show.

‘Luoyang’ Episodes 27 & 28: Spoilers & Recap

In the previous episodes of Luoyang, we saw that Neiwei Mansion was being inspected by Baili Hongyi for any kind of faults and troubles. Still arguing about eating the abalone soup in the Zhaixinglou, the complaint reached Li Beiqi. For accountability, Li Beiqi hurriedly came to Hongyi seething in anger, but Hongyi talked about the situation of internal defense in a very eloquent way which resulted in Li Beiqi ordering him to be transferred into the prison. When Liu Ran came looking for Baili in the Neiwei Mansion, he was stopped by the guards.

After being imprisoned and being ignored by Li Beiqi, Li Ji came to say hello to him and also revealed and confessed all his grievances. In Tianxianglou, Li Ji met a gangster and pushed him casually, which led to the gangster’s death. It was found out that Hu people had their internal organs destroyed, and later it was confirmed by Baili that Hu people are infected with a Shachi snake venom, and then Li Ji was asked about the situation of the Hu people.

‘Luoyang’ Episodes 27 & 28: An Alter in the Plans?
Luoyang Episode 26

With an offer to drink with Yao Niang, Gao Bingzhu came to Jishan Bofang. In order to entertain Gao, Yao Niang prepared a scheduled area and drove away all the guests, and took out a long-cherished wine. Liu Ran came to Wu Youjue for seeking help, and then Wu Youjue personally came to release Baili Hongyi out of the prison.

Talking about the wine, it was revealed that Kang Jiulang, the husband of Yao Niang, owed a lot of money to escape. Gao was thanked multiple times by Yao for the help he has provided for so many years and for allowing Jishan to develop and grow. Later, we see Gao exposing Yao face to face. Yao confessed to the statement that she was reluctant to kill Gao Bingzhu.

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