Netflix’s Luna Park: Release Date, Plot, Cast Members, and Streaming Details

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Luna Park Release Date
Luna Park Release Date

Streaming giant Netflix just dropped details regarding Luna Park’s release date. And today in Otakukart, we are sharing with you everything we know about this upcoming story. Firstly, Luna Park tells the story of a couple of siblings who took their own way during their childhood. And then they reunite. Full of intrigue and conundrums. Secondly, the sisters will seek answers as to why they had been separated in their early years. Thirdly, “Luna Park” is an Italian series for Netflix, which marks yet another proposal for the streaming giant that now embarks on global projects from different countries.

In 1960s Rome, two ladies from different worlds meet paths. Firstly, one comes from a wealthy and aristocratic background, while the other is reared by the carnival. Secondly, the wealthy lady is seen seeing a tarot card reading to find out where her sister is. Thirdly, the two sisters were born apart. However, the lady learns through the tarot reading that her sister is closer to her than she realizes. The series depicts the difference between modest and aristocratic lifestyles, the collision of families, and the eventual revelation of the truth behind the two sisters’ separation.

Luna Park Release Date
Still from Luna Park

Luna Park Release Date

Luna Park will release on September 30 on Netflix worldwide. Firstly, the story revolves around Nora, a young Carney, and Rosa, an aristocratic Roman girl who comes to life between the dream of Luna Park and the grandeur of a Roman dolce vita. The trailer begins with a couple riding a roller coaster in a theme park. They met a woman who told them about their destiny in this park, and Nora decided to follow her. She is interested in the location of her sister, who has gone missing. It depicts Luna Park’s enchantment as she views all the marvels of the future. Finally, we’ll see whether they broadcast a video in which a sign is displayed on the minor child’s back, indicating whether or not her sibling is alive. You can stream Luna Park online officially on Netflix.


In this show, we will witness the meeting of Nora, a young woman carousel, and Pink, who is definitely an Aristocratic Rome member, which has caused two very different families to go to the past to understand the future. Finally, the truth is disclosed, which has been desired by the destiny encounter for many generations to awaken and find love. Luna Park is a terrifying mystery story in which a long-hidden truth finally comes to light due to a fortuitous meeting in which the hand of destiny seems to be at work.

The narrative’s protagonists are Nora and Rosa, two highly different girls who are oddly connected. The first is a youthful carousel that came in Rome with its funfair; the second is a girl from a respectable family who is calm and carefree despite being plagued by an old drama she can’t seem to forget. Their meeting amid frantic rides and flashing lights will lead the two young ladies to discover what lurks in their families’ pasts, ending in a shocking discovery. Everything occurs in the amusement park: long hours of pleasure in search of a thrill, between friendships and first loves, with no means of knowing what will happen next. The atmosphere is similarly fantastic, transporting us to 1960s Rome, replete with classic style and unforgettable glitter.

Luna Park Release Date
Luna Park Release Date

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Simona Tabasco plays Nora Marini. Her father is played by Tommaso Ragno, while her grandmother, Mirande, is played by Milvia Marigliano. Then there’s Mario Sgueglia as Ettore’s uncle and Ludovica Martino as Stella. Lia Grieco is played by Rosa Gabrielli. Giggi is played by Guglielmo Poggi, the father is played by Paolo Calabresi. And Lucia’s mother is played by Fabrizia Sacchi. The events of the Marini and Gabrielli families are intertwined with those of the Baldi family, which comprises Lando (Michele Bevilacqua ), Doriana ( Lorenza Indovina ), and their children Matteo (Edoardo Coen) and Simone (Lorenza Indovina). (Alessio Laplace). Giulio Corso, Matteo Olivetti, Alessandra Carrillo, Gianfranco Gallo, Davide Valle. Roberto Evangelista, Giulia Ricciardi, Lidia Vitale. And Ilaria Loriga round out the cast.

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