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Luke Eisner’s Girlfriend: Early Life & Career

Luke Eisner
Luke Eisner

Who is Luke Eisner’s Girlfriend? Luke Eisner rose to fame recently with his role in the Netflix film called “Tall Girl,” released in 2019. He played the role of Stig, who is a foreign student hailing from Sweden in the film and has gained considerable attention and fan following for his performance in the film. Luke is also a model and has worked with a number of famous international brands in their advertisements. He started off as a model and now is an actor. Along with modeling and acting, Luke is also a great musician. He is a multi-talented personality.

Luke’s debut film “Tall Girl” was a massive hit among teenagers. Teenage girls went mad at him after the film came out, and he said that everyone recognized him whenever he went out. This should not come as a surprise, considering how good-looking Luke is with his long hair. His long hair is now his trademark, and everyone recognizes him through this. Luke is also into social activities and has spoken widely about domestic violence. He works passionately to spread awareness about domestic violence and wants to curb the effect that this has on families. He has even volunteered at a domestic violence shelter along with his family.

Luke Eisner

Luke Eisner

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Early Life

Luke Eisner was born on 1 August 1996. He was born to Denise and Bill Eisner. Luke was born and brought up in Wisconsin, USA. Ever since his childhood, Luke has been interested in various activities. He learned a lot of skills during his childhood, like playing piano and guitar. He spent a lot of time learning different skills and honing his talents. Furthermore, he wanted to be a star and have lots of fame, and so he worked hard on all these things.

After graduating from high school, Luke moved to Los Angeles to learn more about music. He began to learn piano and guitar professionally there, which was his childhood dream. He also became a DJ for a short time due to his cousin’s business. In Los Angeles, he was attending Thorton School of Music. He formed VOILA with his friend named Gun Ross. Gun Ross attended Thorton with Luke. He even began to do modeling assignments while in music school due to his ambition of being a multi-talented person. He established himself as a model by the time he graduated from Thorton School of Music.

Luke Eisner in Tall Girl

Luke Eisner in Tall Girl

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Luke Eisner got his much-needed breakthrough in the Netflix film “Tall Girl,” released in 2019. Luke started initially as a model with international brands like Calvin, American Eagle, H&M, Revolve, etc.  He worked in advertisements for these famous brands. Luke has also performed in the TV series named Timeline. He plays the role of Taylor in this series, making this his only second acting assignment. Luke is a fairly new actor in the town. Luke actually made his television debut in the show “The Goldbergs” in 2019, playing a small guest role. Then he was cast in “Tall girl,” where he established his presence as an actor.

Luke’s debut film, Tall Girl, is about Jodi, who is unusually tall and is uncomfortable due to her height. She was teased in high school for being tall and had been going through her life embarrassed of her height. Jodi then resolved to stand tall and not take any more embarrassment and teasing for her height. She is helped in this task by none other than Stig, the character that Luke played, and a number of other characters too.

Who is Luke Eisner’s Girlfriend?

Luke Eisner’s girlfriend is currently Kirby Johnson. Luke Eisner became a teenage heartthrob for girls due to his role in Tall Girl. He has got tremendous attention. Kirby is also an actress who played the role of Hannah Grace in the Sony feature film, “The Possession of Hannah Grace”. She is also a newcomer when it comes to acting. However, she is quite popular on her social media channels and has around 390,000 followers on her TikTok account, where she posts regularly. She also has a massive 145,000 followers on her Instagram account. Many of her videos from TikTok and Instagram have gone viral.

Luke Eisner and Kirby Johnson 1

Luke Eisner and Kirby Johnson

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