When To Expect Lucifer Season 5 Part 2?

American television series has a huge audience that includes not only the natives. But also audiences from all over the world. The American shows and series have a heterogeneous audience. And still, it manages to stay on top. And one such very popular American television series is Lucifer. The Tv show has had 5 seasons already and has still left the audience craving for more. Lucifer is an Urban Fantasy Drama series that is based on the well-known DC character in the book series The Sandman. The Show released on Fox on the 25th of January, 2016. The developer of this show is Tom Kapinos and the producers of the series are  Jerry Bruckheimer Television, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television.

The first season has mixed reviews from the viewers. But the coming seasons got a positive response overall. The majority of the critics especially praised the performance of Ellis in particular. Although the viewership of the season was very high the ratings for this show were constantly low. Due to which the show called off after the third season. But later Netflix took upon this show for a season four. And it received a high rating and also critical acclaim. Netflix put out season 5 part one on the 21st of August 2020. Lucifer Season 5 set to be the last for this series but then the show later announced the sixth part of 10 episodes.

Series Premise

The series revolves around a handsome and powerful angel Lucifer Morningstar that is played by Tom Ellis. Lucifer is thrown out of the heavens for his betrayal. Like the Devil, Lucifer also tires from being the Lord of Hell punishing and hurting people. He is utterly bored and unhappy with his life. So he resigns from his Throne and abandons his kingdom and stays in Los Angeles where he runs a nightclub named Lux. Lucifer then got caught up in a murder investigation. He then meets a charming detective Chloe Decker.

Lucifer helps the LAPD with the cases by using his special power to manipulate people to reveal their darkest and deepest desires. Later, he accepts the invitation given to him by the department to become a consultant in the force. Through the course of the series. Lucifer learns that slowly and steadily he has started changing and his personality has dramatically altered from the Devil that he was. But due to his stubborn and selfish nature, Lucifer ends up getting detective Decker a hint or two of his true self. As the story proceeds further various celestial and demonic threats come to the city of Los Angels. And during the same time, Lucifer and Chloe let their love for each other bring them out of the problems that they face.

Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Release Date

Lucifer Season 5
pic from Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer Season 5 Part one was released in August 2020. And since then the audience has been waiting for the arrival of the second Part. The makers recently announced the date for the Season 5 Part 2 release. The next part is set to premiere on the 28th of May 2021. Which is not even 2 months from now. The Co-showrunner Joe Henderson has revealed some bits about the highly anticipated season to the audience. After the exciting announcement about the season’s trailer, the audience has its eyes set for the arrival of the trailer first.

The Co-Showrunner stated that the audience is going to s**t themselves after seeing the trailer. This has left the fans first anticipating the trailer and hoping for its release as soon as possible. Joe has further exaggerated about the trailer saying that the season is going to be awesome, the show in fact is awesome, but the trailer will be something out of the box. He also mentions that the trailer will be a bit more than a sneak peeks for the season. And now the fans are anticipating more than a brief introduction of the season. They are expecting a mind-blowing preview of the season that will give them some insights about the season’s plot, story cast, and all. As for the trailer, it should be expected to arrive a month ago. Following the tend of the previous season.

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