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Lucifer Season 5 Ending Explained

Lucifer season 5 ending explained

Lucifer is getting to its end. Hell, NO! Lucifer Season 5 ending has some questions left unanswered. But, before we move to Hell, we made sure to explain why things happened in Lucifer season 5. This season was pretty chaotic, with Michael in the frame. Although he is God’s right hand, he did some pretty nasty things to provoke the king of Hell. But, things take a turn when Lucifer decides to become God to become worthy of his one true love, Chloe. In between his quest to win his love and fight with Michael, the season happens. And finally, it has ended. But, because some of you still have confusion, we are here to discuss Lucifer season 5 ending.

Lucifer season 5 ending brought happiness to Lucifer fans. And to begin with Michael, he never had any. In the last episode, Michael (Tom Ellis) arrived at LUX with a deal to make with his twin, Lucifer (Tom Ellis). Although Michael got banished from Earth, after God left Earth, Micahel became a free man again. And here he is, at LUX. Michael brings a full proof deal to return to hell and get his throne back. Moreover, he can also have Chloe beside him as the queen of hell. But, Lucifer wants to become a good man and does not want Chloe in hell just because she is guilty of  Dan Espinoza’s death.

To make things right, Lucifer uses his witty and smart brain. He helps Chloe and also wins over Michael. Let’s see how Lucifer season 5 part B ended.

Lucifer Season 5 Ending Explained

In the penultimate episode, Michael gets Dan killed just to find the missing piece of the flaming sword. The last episode of season 5, “A Chance at a Happy Ending”, gave Lucifer to become a better man. He tells them that Chloe will go to hell, but Lucifer does not want her there. So, he decides to begin his journey to become God. Moreover, he can’t see a good man like Dan suffering in hell. And hence, he makes a decision to fight with Michael and end him for good.

Lucifer season 5 ending explained

His confidence rises when he finds out that Micahel still does not have the access to the flaming sword. Amenadiel’s necklace is still missing, and it is undoubtedly, the most powerful weapon in the universe.

After getting information from Ella, Lucifer reaches TJ to retrieve the necklace. He disguises himself as Micahel, but in the end, the real Micahel arrives on the scene. Michael does not spare TJ’s life and kills him. This explains how different Michael and Lucifer are from each other.

You have to risk falling if you want to fly. Chloe and Lucifer both fall this episode only to come back stronger. The final battle between Lucifer and Micahel takes place at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Lucifer rejects to bow down in front of Michael and instead tells everyone that he is scaring angels to get them on his side. After the speech, only Zadkiel and Raziel come to Lucifer’s side.

So, who becomes the god?

Michael or Lucifer, Who is the God?

Even though Lucifer only had a couple of angels on his side, he did not fall. Michael believed that he is the king now, but when he proclaims himself, he fails. The crew then realizes that the vote has to be unanimous. Just then, Maze and Eve arrive with a bunch of people who dies at the beginning of the final episode.

As we all know, Maze controls the dead by speaking “lilim” the language of the demons. Even Chloe arrives at the spot with her gun. Michael laughs and tells her that his gun will not work on an angel. But, he is shocked when he learns that the opposite party has melted down Maze’s demon blade to make bullets.

Lucifer season 5 ending explained

Michael and Lucifer get in a one-on-one fight. And after a few minutes of throwing hands and swords, Chloe swops in to help Lucifer. Unfortunately, Michael kills her, sending Chloe into Heaven (she confesses that she does not feel guilty). As Lucifer cannot enter Hell, he becomes crazy. But, he would do anything for the love of his life.

So, he decides to visit heaven, and surprisingly does not burn to death. Well, that is because he has Lilith’s ring on him. Lucifer finds Chloe and transfers the ring to her so she could come back to life on Earth. On his visit to Heaven, Lucifer also meets Lee, and after a brief convo, Lee tells him that after he had a talk with his family, he arrived in heaven, instead of hell.

Later, Chloe successfully kills Michael on Earth, and Lucifer returns back on land as God. How? we will get to know in season 6.

Until then, watch the show here on Netflix. 

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