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Lovers Of The Red Sky Episode 5: Release Date & Preview

Lovers Of The Red Sky
Lovers Of The Red Sky

Lovers Of The Red Sky Episode 5 is about to be released soon. Fans have been waiting earnestly for the release of this episode. They really love the sparkling chemistry that Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Yoo Jung share. For those of you who are new to this drama, Lovers Of The Red Sky is a South Korean cable television network drama. It is one most popular ongoing Korean dramas at the moment. Everything from the storyline to the characters of this drama is perfect. Furthermore, Lovers Of The Red Sky is about a girl named Hong Chun Ki, who is a talented painter. This drama is set up during the Joseon era where such activities were deemed improper for women. During such times, our female protagonist Hong Chun Ki manages to get into the most reputed art school.

Furthermore, she used to be blind but magically gained her eyesight back. Contrary to that, Ha Ram was born with perfect vision but lost his eyesight during childhood. Hong Chun Ki falls in love with Ha Ram, but they get caught up in the schemes of the royals.

Besides having an amazing storyline, Lovers Of The Red Sky has an amazing cast and crew. The drama is written by the talented writer Kim Young Young. Furthermore, this show has a blockbuster cast whose performances will leave you starry-eyed. The talented main cast includes Kim Yoo Jung from Backstreet Rookie, Ahn Hyo Seop from Abyss, Gong Myung from Be Melodramatic, and Kwak Shi Yang from Clean With Passion For Now.

In this article, we will be giving all the details that you need to know about the upcoming Lovers Of The Red Sky Episode 5.

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Lovers Of The Red Sky Episode 6 Release Date

The release date of Lovers Of The Red Sky Episode 5 is September 14, 2021. The episodes of the drama are available on Rakuten Viki if you have a standard subscription. The episodes of the drama were quite enchanting. The story of the drama beholds a beautiful fantasy that we could only imagine. Till now, the episodes of the drama has talked about what happened in the past. How the great Samsin had defeated the chaos causing evil god Ma Wang. And how things turned so that Cheon-gi became the savior of all people.  A part of the drama’s popularity contributed to the novel it is based on. The drama is based on a novel named Hong Cheon Ki. The novel had been praised a lot, so many wanted to check out the drama adaption of the book.

Lovers Of The Red Sky Episode 5

Ha Ram cr: SBS

Lovers Of The Red Sky had taken over the time slot of popular drama Racket Boys. The drama now has become one of the most-watched dramas of this month. Additionally, new episodes of this drama are released every Monday and Tuesday and 10 pm KST. Furthermore, the drama had started to air in the ending of the month of August, i.e. 30 August. The broadcasting channel of the drama SBS expects to wrap up the series with sixteen episodes by 19 October.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

The obvious thing to expect from the upcoming episodes is the female and male lead becoming close. Ha Ram has already started to show protectiveness over Cheon Ki. He even looked very upset when Prince Yang Myung was flirting with Cheon Ki. He looked like a dog protecting his owner. Besides that, talking about Cheon Ki, the audience is curious whether Cheon Ki will be able to fight the prejudice that people have of women. When she had forgotten to bring her, they had said how a woman could be an artist. There is no doubt that Cheon Ki will get some help from Ha Ram.

Lovers Of The Red Sky Episode 5

Cheon Ki cr: SBS

It would be quite nice if he does so as Cheon Ki will gain a chance to cure her father’s illness. But if she doesn’t find a way to get the medicine, then things might turn quite bad. So don’t forget to tune in to get your daily dose of The Lovers Of The Red Sky.

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