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Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 12: Release Date & Spoilers

Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 12
Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 12

Fans are really curious about the fate of Hong Chun Gi and Ha Ram. That is about to come in episode 12 of The Lovers of The Red Sky. She is facing the consequences of the actions she took. And now everyone is worried about what is going to happen to her. Is she going to end up like her father? Or can Ha Ram and Prince Yang Myung save her from a painful fate. A lot is happening in the story, as the show is slowly moving towards its end. While fans aren’t really ready to give up the show, they themselves can’t help but wait eagerly for the ending.

Ha Ram is caught up in trouble from both sides and isn’t able to complete his mission either. On the one side, the royal Shaman Mi So still has control over him through her blood-binding spell. And on the other side, he is locked up behind bars because of the evil spirit of Ma Wang being captured inside of him. Prince Yang Myung won’t let him leave as he is a potential danger to Chun Gi. As she worked on herself and was preparing to restore the damaged portrait.

Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 12

A still from Lovers of The Red Sky: Ha Ram and Chun Gi together

Ha Ram’s Side Hustle For His Revenge

Wearing a mask to create a different persona, Ha Ram has been working to get his revenge from the people in the royal palace. With his secret self, he has also helped Chun Gi get rid of the loan sharks without her knowing. Hearing so high of the secret scholar, Prince Ju Hyang invites him to join hands with him. As he visits him, Prince Ju Hyang tells him about Scholar Ha Ram. And that the spirit of Ma Wang resides in him. He needs to join hands with him to defeat him and take over the throne. He tells Prince Ju Hyang that he will look into the matter of Ha Ram as he tries to figure out how did the prince know. While he also tells him to remove the people for his way to achieving his dream of taking over the King’s Throne.

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What Happened On The Day Of The Rainmaking Ritual?

As Prince Yang Myung promises Chun Gi that he will take care of her and her father while dropping her off. One of the head priestesses from Seongjucheong, Wol Sun, approaches the prince. Telling him to give up on Chun Gi. Taking him to the room, she tells him about the events that took place during the rainmaking ritual nineteen years ago. How during the ritual, the portrait of the late king burned, freeing the spirit of Ma Wang. And it placed itself, the body of Ha Ram, who was supposed to die as the sacrifice that day. As she tells him that Chun Gi’s fate belongs to Ha Ram and that their fate is sealed. He tells her to back off and how he will overcome his fate and win Chun Gi’s heart.

lovers of the red sky episode 12

A still from The Lovers of The Red Sky: Wol Sun telling Prince Yang Myung about the events that took place on the day of the ritual.

Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 12 Release Date And Where To Watch?

The Lovers of The Red Sky episode 12 will release on October 12, 2021. The upcoming episode will be available on Rakuten Viki for online streaming. As Hong Chun Gi is now starting to feel as if she is going crazy. Both Ha Ram and Prince Yang Myung are running around to save her. But there isn’t much left that they can do. But to capture the spirit of Ma Wang, to break the curse off from both Chun Gi and her father, the first divine painter. Ma Wang only comes out when Ha Ram is around Chun Gi. But with powers that she isn’t aware of, she is able to control him.

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