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Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 10
Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 10

Things are about to get evil in episode 10 of The Lovers of The Red Sky. As the king is looking out for the future of the village. Being the next in line, Prince Ju Hyang is expecting to be the next king. With his health deteriorating, the king also wants the restoration of the previous king’s portrait as soon as he can. As he writes a letter to both his sons, wishing they would live a good life and wouldn’t leave their responsibilities as grand princes. Ju Hyang realizes that he won’t really be getting the throne after all.

Ready to go against his father, Prince Ju Hyang is ready to conspire with his secretary and the royal shaman, Mi So. While other people at the palace remain unknown about the upcoming threat. As Chung and the other painter, supervisor Ha Ram, and Prince Yang Myeong get sucked into the conspiracy. The universe is already giving out signs that something bad is about to happen. As an important person, he is in grave danger.

Lovers of The Red Sky

How Did Supervisor Ha Ram Lose His Eyesight?

In previous episodes, we saw Supervisor Ha Ram finally reveal how he lost his eyesight. Son of Han Sung Jin, the royal supervisor, Ha Ram was born with perfect eyesight. But lost it during a ritual. The ritual was performed by the royal shaman Mi So, as the state was crying for rain, but there was no sign of a single cloud. Ha Ram was offered as the sacrifice in the ritual, resulting in losing his eyes. But at the moment he lost his eyesight, Hong Chun Gi, who was born blind, magically could see again.

As he tells the story to Chun Gi, admitting to her that he is the little guy from her childhood. Looking back at the promise from childhood that he would meet her in the rain. He tells her that he can’t come because he has lost his eyesight. Telling her that he is on a mission to take revenge, he can’t be with her even though it hurts him to be away from her.

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The Beginning of Prince Joo Hyang’s Conspiracy

On the other side, Prince Ju Hyang, acting on step one, calls Ha Ram over to talk, sending Shaman Mi So to his house. Arriving at the prince’s place, he meets his next target, Mi So, the one who was the reason his family was dead as they ask him about the ritual, that if he remembers anything from that day. Playing foolish, he straight-up denies that he remembers anything. They ask him if he knows anything about “Ma Wang”, but again get nothing in the answer. Feeling slightly annoyed at this point, Prince Ju Hyang takes his sword out to threaten Ha Ram and scratches his throat a bit. As the blood starts peeping out, Mi So runs at the chance of getting some of the blood for the ritual she is planning on doing. To manifest Ma Wang and take over the throne and the immense power.

Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 10

Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 10 Release Date

Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 10 will release on October 5, 2021. The upcoming episode will be available on Rakuten Viki to stream. Along with all the other episodes and behind the scene videos. With the royal shaman finally getting her hands on Ha Ram’s blood. She is now able to possess Ha Ram and stops him from doing the things he does. With her putting black magic on Shim Dae Yu, who works in the painting bureau, she is controlling him to spy on the people she needs to be aware of.

Ha Ram gets to know about a twinkling comet, he is aware about the problem that is about to come. But that doesn’t mean he knows who it is going to be. As he goes into the Gyeongwonjeon with Chun Gi, he looks straight at the burnt portrait, hearing things that the eyes are somebody else’s. As the spirit of Ma Wang starts getting heavier, Ha Ram feels himself getting possessed by the demon inside him as Chun Gi and Prince Yang Myeong look at him in shock and fear. With Shaman Mi So working from behind.

You can watch the Lovers of The Red Sky series in Viki

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