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What To Expect From Lovely Writer Episode 8?

Lovely Writer Updates
Thai drama lovely writer

Lovely Writer Episode 8 is about to release soon. We already know the trend and popularity of the BL series these days. The lovely writer is yet another BL series of the country origin Thailand. The drama is a fresh romantic comedy that deals with the emotional situations and surroundings of two lovers. With respect to jealousy and misunderstandings. How the two still decide to hold onto each other. And how their feelings develop for one another is the overall story of the drama. The BL drama is immensely popular. In not only Thailand but many other Asian countries as well. The series is based on the novel Nap Sip Cha Chup. And premiers on the original network Channel 3 and Tencent Video.

Lovely Writer Trailer Breakdown

The official trailer of the drama was released on 3rd February 2021. The release of the trailer created a buzz amongst the audience who started eagerly waiting for the show to air. Finally, the show aired on 24th February and will continue till 12th May 2021 With a total of 12 episodes. The short drama is extremely fun and light to watch and the trailer here clearly gives us a glimpse of what can we expect from the show. The trailer starts with Up Poompat Iam-samang getting told to write a romantic bl series to grab the maximum attention of the viewers. Much later he is also told to be present at the casting since he is the writer and he may know better, to whom the role will suit them best. There he meets the handsome Nubsib and soon their story starts over.

Lovely Writer episode 8

A Still from the drama Lovely Writer

Soon certain circumstances lead the two to live together under one roof. Nunsib starts to develop feelings for Gene first while, Gene resits. But love has its own way to sort out things right, soon the two develop a great bond together and come into a proper relationship. While helping Nubsib with the role, the two fall for each other. We also get to see a glance of the characters Aoey, Tum, Hin, and Tiffy who play a major support role in the drama. But every novel has its own obstacles. Soon Nubsib’s fellow actor falls in for him which makes Gene jealous and their sweet relationship shakes up. Aey and Nubsib are like by the fans therein which makes Gene even more jealous. How he overcomes these hurdles bring out a new light for their relationships is the overall story of the drama.

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Lovely Writer Episode 8

Lovely Writer Updates on episode 8

The main lead of the drama Lovely Writer

Lovely Writer Episode 8 will air on 14th April 2021. To date, 7 episodes have been released so far. The 8th episode will resume from where it left off in episode 7. After Gene decides to leave Nubsib even he is in a lot of pain and doesn’t understand why they both had to go through such a rough time. While Gene leaves Nubsib and goes to the mansion for a few days. The restless Nubsib goes to visit him and hugs him immediately. It also seems like the two have a long connection. They have known each other since childhood and now Nubsib openly expresses his love for him. The two finally will make it up and continue with their relationship.

updates on episode 8 Lovely Writer

A Still from the drama Lovely Writer

The series has been directed by Bundit Sintanaparadee with the production under  Good Feeling, Dee Tuk Wan. and Dee Hup House. In the next episode, episode 8 we will get to see the two mutually decide on giving each other another chance. They seem confused about whether they should live together or not. Soon Gene makes up the press conference and gets jealous. Gene gets tremendously jealous to see Nubsib and Aey being liked by many. Aey makes up bait against Gene and tells him he is selfish enough to not let go of Nubsib since even Aey likes him. Aey makes him believe that the two are made for each other and it is just him who is standing as an obstacle. What will Gene do, what would be his decision will all be revealed in the next episode. The drama premiers on the original network Channel 3 and Tencent Video, alongside WeTV.  So tune into any one of your preferred sites and watch the show anytime.

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