‘Love Twist’ Episode 98 Release Date: Kyung Joon Double Crosses Ki-Tae And Tries To Kill Him

Love Twist ep 98
Love Twist ep 98

After Ki-Tae blackmails Kyung Joon, he helps him hide the dead body. Also, in ‘Love Twist’ Episode 98, he lies to So Ri and tells her that Ha Ru killed Ki-Tae. At first, So Ri could not believe it, but out of fear of losing Ha Ru, she caved. Finally, she gives Kyung Joon money and promises to make him the CEO.

When So Ri tells Ha Ru about it, he is in shock. He can’t accept the fact that he killed someone. To make himself believe, he keeps watching the video over and over again. However, after a while, he notices something strange. Is Ki-Tae really dead?

What Happened In ‘Love Twist’ Previous Episodes Till Now?

In ‘Love Twist’ previous episodes, till now, we have seen that Ha Ru and So Ri rescues Hee Ok. As per Ki-Tae’s demands, Ha Ru takes ten million worth of gold for him. He is ready to give up the gold in exchange for his mother, but Hee Ok does not agree to it. She tells Ki-Tae to leave the gold or else she will kill him. When Ki-Tae tries to hit Hee Ok, Ha Ru knocks him down and punches him till he is unconscious. In ‘Love Twist’ episode 98, Ki-Tae wakes up with everything gone, and in this frustration, he becomes a murderer.

Also, in ‘Love Twist’ ep 98, Kyung Joon gets involved with Ki-Tae again. He is forced to bury a dead body and help Ki-Tae get away with murder. However, there is a silver lining for Kyung Joon. Ki-Tae promises to give him a video that will prove Ha Ru killed Ki-Tae. The next day, Kyung Joon calls So Ri to his office and shows her the video of Ha Ru punching Ki-Tae. Now, in ‘Love Twist’ episode 98, So Ri will have to prove Ha Ru is innocent.

Love Twist ep 98
Love Twist ep 98

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So Ri Gives Kyung Joon Money

After watching the video, So Ri is in shock. Her first instinct is to save Ha Ru no matter what. Kyung Joon lies to her in ‘Love Twist’ episode 98, saying that an informant who knew Ki-Tae sent him the video. Also, he tells So Ri that if the informant does not get a million dollars, he will send the video to the police. Moreover, he takes this opportunity and tells So Ri to make him the chairman. Will So Ri fall into Kyung Joon’s trap in ‘Love Twist’ 98?

‘Love Twist’ Episode 98 Preview

So Ri does not tell anyone about this and tries to handle it on her own. She is afraid that if she tells this to Ha Ru, he will try to surrender. Because of this, she asks her mother to loan her the money. Finally, out of fear of losing Ha Ru, So Ri gives Kyung Joon the money, and in exchange, he promises to delete the evidence. When Ha Ru comes to her all concerned, she tells him that Ki-Tae is dead. In ‘Love Twist’ ep 98, Ha Ru cannot believe that he killed someone. However, he keeps watching the video over and over again. After a while, he realizes something strange.

Love Twist ep 98
Love Twist ep 98

What Is ‘Love Twist’ Episode 98 Release Date?

The ‘Love Twist’ episode 98 release date is 16th May 2022. Kyung Joon hands over the money to Ki-Tae and finds out that he is planning to leave the country. In ‘Love Twist’ episode 98, he pretends to care about Ki-Tae and bids him farewell. However, as soon as Ki-Tae is ready to leave, a man chases him with a knife. Just as the man is about to kill him, the police arrive at the scene. Because of this, the killer just snatches the bag from Ki-Tae and runs away. Even so, he reported to Kyung Joon that Ki-Tae is dead. Now Kyung Joon is celebrating his victory, but Ki-Tae is planning to take his revenge on him.

Watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 98 Online- Streaming Details

Love Twist’ is a television series broadcast by the KBS2 channel. People living in South Korea can watch the episodes of ‘Love Twist’ on the official network. As for the International fans, they can watch the ‘Love Twist’ Episode 98 on the subscription-based website Rakuten Viki.

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