‘Love Twist’ Episode 64 Release Date: Ha Ru Threatens To Remove Gwang Nam As The CEO

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'Love Twist' Otakukart
'Love Twist' Otakukart

Chul Gu finds out that Saet Byeol is his daughter after running a DNA test. In ‘Love Twist’ Episode 64, he calls Yoon-ah and tells her that he wants to talk. However, when she refuses to meet him, he comes to her house. She requests him not to tell Ha Ru that he is the biological father. Will he accept her request?

On the other hand, Ha Ru is planning to remove Gwang Nam as the CEO. This happens after he finds out that Gwang Nam has invested the company’s money in another stock after losing the money the first time. In exchange for not telling board members about the money, Ha Ru asks him to remove Kyung Joon as his successor.

What Happened In ‘Love Twist’ Episode 63?

In ‘Love Twist’ Episode 63, till now, we have seen that So Ri’s mother finds out that her husband is having an affair. After finding out about this, she calls him and Do-hee to talk. After she leaves, Do-hee requests Hee Ok not to fire her as Kyung Joon has already dumped her and her son. If she gets fired, she will not be able to make ends meet. Hee Ok becomes emotional and agrees not to fire her.

After Ok Hee says that she will split So Ri and Kyung Joon, he calls So Ri and tells her to stop her mother. Also, he says that if she is not able to do this, he will tell everyone about Han Byeol. Later, Hee Ok visits Ok Hee to see how she is doing. However, she is not in a mood to talk to anyone. After some time, Mi Ja comes to the restaurant and acts as if she does not know anything. She sees that Ok Hee is very angry and gets down on her knees to apologize. When that doesn’t work, she threatens her, saying that even if So Ri gets divorced, she won’t get Han Byeol.

'Love Twist' ep 64
‘Love Twist’ ep 64

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Ha Ru and Yoon Ah’s fight

When Chul Gu hears So Ri and Yoon-ah talk about Saet Byeol’s real father, he is stunned. As Yoon-ah is leaving, he tries to talk to her but does not find the right words. He hoes out drinking with Ha Ru and asks him about Saet Byeol’s blood group. Ha Ru is not able to answer his question and leaves without saying anything, which makes Chul Gu more suspicious. When Ha Ru reaches home, he sees that Yoon-ah is not letting Saet Byeol play with Chul Gu’s gift. He asks her why does she hate his friend so much? Instead of telling him the real reason Yoon-ah that she hates him for no reason.

‘Love Twist’ Upcoming Episode Preview

After the big fight, both of them go back to being normal. Yoon-ah tells Ha Ru that she will be going out with some friends tomorrow and asks him to watch Saet Byeol. Later, he calls Chul Gu and asks him if he will come over tomorrow. He does understand his friend’s emotions, but he still does not know that Chul Gu is Saet Byeol’s real father. The next day, when Chul Gu comes over for dinner, he keeps looking at Saet Byeol the whole time. Before leaving, he sneaks out Saet Byeol’s toothbrush with him. When he gets the DNA test result, he finds out that he is her real father.

'Love Twist' mothers fight
‘Love Twist’:The mothers fight

What Is ‘Love Twist’ Episode 64 Release Date

The Love Twist Episode 64 release date is 28 March 2022. After Chul Gu finds out that Saet Byeol is his daughter, he tries to reach out to Yoon-ah. She shuts him out, saying that she does not have any reason to meet him. In his desperation, he goes to her house to ask her the truth. He asks her if Ha Ru knows that he is not Saet Byeol’s real father and that she is Chul Gu’s daughter? To this, she replies that he does not know the whole truth.

Watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 64 Online – Streaming Details

The South Korean drama ‘Love Twist’ is a television series broadcast by the KBS2 channel. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Love Twist’ on the official network. As for the international fans, they can watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 64 on the subscription-based website Rakuten Viki.

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