‘Love Twist’ Episode 59 Release Date: Kyung Joon Reveals His True Nature

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Love Twist
Love Twist

Kyung Joon reveals his true parasitic nature in ‘Love Twist’ Episode 59. After betraying So Ri, he refuses to divorce her. However, Ha Ru finds out about his second family. After this, he beats him up and tells him to divorce So Ri.

When Kyung Joon tells him that So Ri does not want a divorce because of Han Byeol, he is shocked. In the end, everything goes downhill when Kyung Joon finds out that So Ri is planning to kick him out of the company.

What Happened In ‘Love Twist’ Episode 58?

In ‘Love Twist’ Episode 58, till now, we have seen that Kyung Joon refuses to divorce So Ri. Over that, he threatens to expose who is Han Byeol’s real father. This makes So Ri very furious, but there’s nothing that she could do. Yoon-ah calls Kyung Joon to ask him about his plan. He tells her everything, and they conspire to make So Ri change her mind. Even after being kicked out once, Kyung Joon returns to Gwang Nam’s house. Seeing him there makes So Ri feels helpless. She thinks of pushing him out of the company by talking to her father, but it does not turn out well.

Yoon-ah visits So Ri at her office. She tries to be supportive of her. However, she has an underlying motive. She tells her to think about the divorce very carefully as her mother won’t be happy to hear about it. This makes the decision even harder for So Ri. The next day, Yoon-ah picks up Han Byeol from kindergarten. She tells So Ri that she will pick up Han Byeol along with Saet Byeol every day to help her out with her work. Her mission is to make sure that So Ri is not able to tell anyone about Han Byeol.

Ha Ru follows Kyung Joon
Ha Ru follows Kyung Joon

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Ha Ru Follows Kyung Joon

After threatening So Ri, Kyung Joon meets Do-Hee and tells her to do as he says. Because of this, she meets So Ri out of her office the next day and tells her that she will break up with Kyung Joon. Also, she accepts that she is the one in the wrong. Moreover, So Ri is shocked to hear that Do-Hee does not want her to divorce Kyung Joon. As they are talking in the lobby, Ha Ru sees them together and is suspicious of Kyung Joon. He tells a staff member to follow Kyung Joon and finds out that he is out with his second family.

‘Love Twist’ Episode 59 Preview

Ha Ru finds out that Kyung Joon is having dinner with his second family and decides to follow him. As Do-Hee and Kyung Joon are talking about So Ri in the restaurant, Ha Ru hears everything. He is furious but decides not to do anything at that time. Later, he returns home drunk, thinking about how So Ri’s life turned out. Will Ha Ru confront Kyung Joon about his betrayal?

Ha Ru beats Kyung Joon
Ha Ru beats Kyung Joon

‘Love Twist’ Episode 59 Release Date

‘Love Twist’ Episode 59 will release on 21st March 2022. After finding out about Kyung Joon’s betrayal, Ha Ru calls him to meet at the roof. Once he arrives before him, Ha Ru starts to beat him up without saying anything. He keeps yelling at him about betraying So Ri. However, Kyung Joon tells him that So Ri does not want to get divorced. Ha Ru could not believe this and decided to meet So Ri. He asks her if this is true, but she tells him to stay out of it. After insisting a lot, So Ri tells Ha Ru that she cannot divorce Kyung Joon because of Ha Ru.

Watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 59 Online – Streaming Details

The South Korean drama ‘Love Twist’ is a television series broadcast by the KBS2 channel. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Love Twist’ on the official network. As for the international fans, they can watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 59 on the subscription-based website Rakuten Viki.

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