‘Love Twist’ Episode 4 Will Bring Complications In So Ri’s Life As Her Family Forces Her To Date Chairman Choi’s Grandson

Love Twist I Otakukart
Love Twist I Otakukart

The recently released Korean drama ‘Love Twist’ is making the headlines for its sweet story. The star cast includes Ham Eun Jung as the female main lead and Kim Jin Yeop as the male main lead. The South Korean actress plays the character of Oh So Ri. She is an ambitious woman who wants to build her own startup. Whereas Kim Jin Yeop plays the character of Park Ha Ru who is a simple guy and has partnered with So Ri on her venture of starting a fashion business. The ‘Love Twist’ Episode 4 is expected to have many complications.

Both So Ri and Ha Ru’s families are related as their mothers are from the same family. So Ri’s mother Ok Hee lives with her in-laws in South Korea as her husband lives in the U.S. Even though they have been apart for so long, Ok Hee still loves her husband, but his feelings have changed for her. When he was in the U.S he meets Hee Ok again, and they reignited their forgotten love for each other.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

The story of ‘Love Twist’ is very unique as it portrays the sweet dynamic between two families. Also, Oh So Ri and Park Ha Ru are trying to keep up with their love along with handling their families. Moreover, both of them have a business together named ‘Twist’. The episode starts as So Ri is working on her pitch for the investors, and she is not able to find an answer to why she has started her company ‘Twist’? So she calls Ha Ru. After their conversation So Ri is in a hurry to make it to the office, but before leaving, she makes sure to take fresh kimchi for Ha Ru.

On her way, she meets Jo Kyung Joon after they exchange greetings, and So Ri asks him to not tell her mother that she has opened a business with Ha Ru. We don’t know the reason behind this secrecy yet. Also, there is another big arrival everyone is waiting for. So Ri’s father is coming back to South Korea. He lives in the U.S, but this time he is accompanied by a woman who seems to be his lover.

Love Twist- So Ri's family
Love Twist- So Ri’s family

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The Meeting With ‘Next’

As So Ri arrives at the office, she sees Yoon Ah feeding Ha Ru. Watching this, she loses her temper and declares that office romances are not allowed. After the melodrama is over, So Ri and Ha Ru head over to the meeting with ‘Next’ company. As they sit in the meeting, they seem to struggle with answering the investor’s questions. After the interview is over, the client is very impressed by the chemistry between So Ri and Ha Ru. He even assumes that they are dating.

When they come out of the interview, they couldn’t believe that someone could think that they are dating. As they are about to head for lunch, So Ri’s mother calls her and asks her to come home quickly. When she reaches home, a family dinner is waiting for her. The whole family sits around and enjoys the food, but So Ri’s not happy anymore when her father tells her to prepare to go abroad for further studies. Furthermore, her grandfather adds to it, saying she should meet Chairman Choi’s grandson. Will So Ri have to give up on Ha Ru? Also, if Mr. Oh is not careful, everyone will find out that he is dating Hee Ok. Watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 4 to find out what happens.

The meeting with 'Next'
The meeting with ‘Next’

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episode?

So Ri’s mother has no idea about what is going on between her husband and her Hee Ok. She still thinks of her as a good friend and calls her to enquire about her health, but Hee Ok does not pick up her call. In fact, she has been ignoring her for some time. Ok Hee is still worried about her, so she makes Ha Ru call his mother. Finally, she gives a call to her friend, and they decide to meet. Will Hee Ok tell her sister the truth about her affair with her husband?

‘Love Twist’ Episode 4 Release Date

The ‘Love Twist’ Episode 4 release date is 16th December 2021. In the upcoming episode, we will see Ha Ru, and So Ri forming a close bond. Both of them have feelings for each other, but their relationship status is still complicated. Also, So Ri’s grandfather will force her to meet chairman Choi’s grandson. The ‘Love Twist’ episode 4 will contain many twists and turns. So make sure to catch the upcoming episode.

Where To Watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 4?

The Korean drama ‘Love Twist’ is a television series broadcast by the KBS2 network. The people living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Love Twist’ on the mentioned network. As for international fans, they can watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 4 on the subscription website Rakuten Viki.

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