‘Love Twist’ Episode 27: Is Ha Ru The Father of Yoon-ah’s Baby?

Love Twist I Otakukart
Love Twist I Otakukart

As the story proceeds, the relationships between people are becoming even more complicated. After Gwang Nam and Hee Ok’s relationship, Yoon-ah and Ha Ru’s relationship is in question. In ‘Love Twist’ Episode 27, Yoon-ah’s father finds out about his daughter being pregnant. As So Ri is also there, Ha Ru decides to take the blame on himself and confirms that the baby is his.

Yoon-ah knows that Ha Ru still loves So Ri still she lies to her. Also, She does not reveal that the father of the baby is Ha Ru’s friend. After this So Ri tries to clear out things with Ha Ru, but he puts her down very rudely. He says that he wants to run away from her. This makes So Ri take a drastic step, and she attempts suicide.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Till now, we have seen that Ok Hee drags So Ri back home against her wishes. Also, she tells Ha Ru that Gwang Nam is his father and So Ri is his sister. This revelation makes Ha Ru hide from So Ri. Yoon-ah tells So Ri that Ha Ru has gone to the U.S by himself, but the truth is that he is hiding at her place. While he is at Yoon-ah’s place, he finds out that she is pregnant with his friend’s child. He suggests Yoon-ah to not keep the child if she is not up for it. So they decide to go to the doctor’s appointment together.

As Ha Ru is not in contact with So Ri, she decides to visit Yoon-ah. Both Yoon-ah and Ha Ru are startled and confused about what to do next. When Yoon-ah’s father arrives at her place, he lets So Ri inside the house. She is surprised to see Ha Ru there. The matter becomes even more complicated as Yoon-ah’s father accuses Ha Ru of impregnating his daughter. Moreover, rather than denying this allegation, Ha Ru accepts it and promises to take full responsibility for Yoon-ah. This makes So Ri burst into tears, and she leaves Yoon-ah’s house.

Pregnant Yoon-ah
Pregnant Yoon-ah

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Ha Ru Supports Yoon-ah

After So Ri leaves, Ha Ru tries to make sense of Yoon-ah’s situation. He asks her if she could really get rid of her baby? Also, he offers to take care of her and her baby if she comes to the U.S with him. Later, Yoon-ah’s father goes to Hee Ok to complain about her son. At the same time, Gwang Nam is present at the place. He overhears the conversation and finds out that Yoon-ah is pregnant with Ha Ru’s baby. He tells this to Ok Hee, but this only makes her angry, and she asks him to put the apartment in her name right away. However, Gwang Nam refuses to do anything of such kind, and So Ri’s grandmother hears this.

What To Expect In The Upcoming Episode 27?

Yoon-ah is not able to understand Ha Ru’s changed behavior. She knows that he still loves So Ri but cannot figure out why is he avoiding her. To get more information about this, she calls Kyung Joon, but even he does not tell her much. Later, Yoon-ah tells So Ri a lie that Ha Ru is her baby’s father. When So Ri tries to confront Ha Ru about this, he tells her that he wants to run away from her.

Ha Ru cheats So Ri
Ha Ru cheats So Ri

‘Love Twist’ Episode 27 Release Date

‘Love Twist’ Episode 27 release date is 18th January 2022. In the upcoming episode, Ha Ru breaks up with So Ri and keeps lying to her about Yoon-ah’s baby. This makes her furious, and she tells him that she will die. The argument escalates, and she tells him to bury her without any remorse. Later, Kyung Joon searches the beach to find So Ri as he knows that she will attempt suicide.

Where To Watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 27?

The South Korean drama ‘Love Twist’ is a television series broadcast by the KBS2 channel. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Love Twist’ on the official channel. As for the international fans, they can watch the ‘Love Twist’ Episode 27 on the subscription-based website Rakuten Viki.

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