Love of Kill Episode 4: Will Ryang-ha and Chateau die?

Love of Kill episode 4: will Ryang-ha and Chateau die?
Love of Kill, or Koroshi Ai, Winter 2022 anime series

Love of Kill, or Koroshi Ai, is a Japanese manga-based anime series, created by Fe. Aired in Winter 2022, Koroshi Ai is a series that will keep the viewers hooked. Why? The plot setting, in the starting episode itself, is quite intriguing, which makes the fans wonder ‘what will happen next?’ With the new series releasing in this new year, 2022, fans are overjoyed for being able to watch amazing series with amazing plots. Love of Kill, being one of them, is making the hearts of fans ‘Doki-Doki’ and the episodes are much awaited.

The plot follows Chateau Dankworth, who is a bounty hunter, who seems to be reckless in her job. More like, Chateau is uncontrolled and does her job even when she’s not asked to. The first scene itself had fans wondering if there’s any love story or will the series end with only gunshots. However, seems both will not leave until the end. Love and gunshots are to appear in the series, but how will Song Ryang-ha who is a dangerous and a wanted man, can stay in contact with Chateau who is a bounty hunter that may have to kill Ryang-ha someday?

The story so far is good, with only three episodes aired yet. And fans are impatient when the next episode will be released. Here’s the preview and release date of episode 4.

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Love of Kill Episode 4: Preview

The fourth episode, therefore, may contain Chateau’s past. While she was visiting a church, someone sent assassins to kill Chateau. But surprisingly, Ryang-ha ambushed the assassinations first. Chateau gets involved in the fight too. The next episode, ‘Real Face‘ will be an episode full of action.

Love of Kill episode 4: will Ryang-ha and Chateau die?
Episode 4 Preview: Chateau visiting the Church

In the third episode, after Chateau was attacked by Hou, she was taken in by Ryang-ha. Chateau is a bounty hunter, whereas Song Ryang-ha is a criminal on whose head a large amount of bounty has already been put by many organisations. Guess everyone wants him dead. When Hou ambushed Chateau, she fell off the cliff and still was able to escape. Hou followed her, he shot her to death, luckily she was quickly taken to a nearby motel by Ryang-ha. She had a fever and slept all day. Ryang-ha helped her, by washing ‘all’ of her clothes and making her food.

Love of Kill episode 4: will Ryang-ha and Chateau die?
Song Ryang-ha constantly contacting and calling Chateau, even if there is no valid reason

After returning back to her agency, Chateau just went on apologizing to her senior, not answering any of the questions asked. Chateau went to her studio apartment, where she lived. Ryang-ha was waiting right in front of her apartment. As she couldn’t bear to have all of her neighbour’s attention to Ryang-ha who threatened to not go back unless invited in, Chateau, hence, invited him in. While they were having a chat, Chateau’s phone rang. A call from her mother, asking Chateau to attend her father’s death anniversary.

What is Chateau’s past? Who sent assassins to kill Chateau? How will Chateau and Ryang-ha deal with them? Will Ryang-ha, for the first time, be cornered? Guess, we will have to wait till the next episode is released. But when will it be?

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When will Love of Kill Episode 4 release?

Love of Kill Episode 4 is set to be released on 2 February 2022. The anime series which was initially released on January 13, 2022, has three-episode as of yet. As the third episode has set records, the fourth episode is much awaited.

Love of Kill episode 4: will Ryang-ha and Chateau die?
First appearance and face-off of Chateau and Song Ryang-ha

The series running from 13 January 2022 is an action-filled romance anime series. As the manga readers have already been aware of all the spoilers anime fans wouldn’t want, Koroshi Ai getting an anime adaptation is still something great that has happened to all of the fans. Just the first episode and you will be intrigued by the storyline. The animation, even if it may not be top-notch, is really praiseworthy. The series will make your time worth it.

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