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Spoilers: Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 20

Spoilers For Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 20
From Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 19 Featuring Bailey, Allana and Elly

Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 20 will mark the entry of three new girls on the island. We already had eight new cast members joining the frame in the past few weeks. They literally changed the game and environment around in a minute. So no matter how strong the relationships and everything you have is, the mess can happen anytime if you are not careful. Take Cinco’s case, he had Cashay and he knew he had his heart for her. But it was too late when Charlie gave her all the love she was looking for. Also, let’s talk about eliminations as well.

To be clear, things might have gone downside the other day but it lifted up through one game of seduction. Everyone enjoyed the game to the heart. But things went bad when Ariel entered. It’s not always good news from her side and she did announce that two of the islanders are leaving. While the Islanders were just remembering them and getting things sorted. The messages hit and three new girls who have set eyes on some of the boys of the island are coming. So Islanders, be prepared.

Love Island US Season 3 Episode 19 Recap

Previously on Love Island USA, we opened up with quite a sad aftermath and Leslie’s unexpected exit. The next morning Genevieve realizes her mistakes. She tries to talk it out with Shannon that she shouldn’t have gone on to reveal her relationship’s intimate details. Even Cashay tries to set things straight with Cinco. But it seems like Cinco is just trying to be rude since Cashay moved with Charlie. She later tries to talk it out with Cinco twice on future occasions. Similarly with Charlie so to help him understand what’s going on. Meanwhile, Will and Kyra and Josh and Shannon are just becoming the power couple they need to.

Tonight’s game is Heart’s On Fire. All the couples had to do is seduce. First up the boys will seduce every other girl on the show. Then the girls will do the same for the boys. Their heart rates will be measured and we may realize who raised who’s heart rates most. Everything was lovey-dovey and everyone enjoyed the heck out of it. Until Ariel walked in as well. She did start lightheartedly revealing who raised who’s heart rate the most. But that was until the topic of elimination was brought in.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 20

From Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 19 Featuring Will, Cinco, Jeremy, Ariel, Trina, Genevieve, and Kyra

On the girl’s side, we see it’s Trina, Genie, or Kyra going home. From boys, it’s Jeremy, Cinco, and Will. These were the ones who didn’t connect with the people of America. The safe girls make the decision to save Trina while the safe boys choose Jeremy to be safe. After heavy and emotional conversations, the girls decide Will save next and the boys choose Kyra to be safe next. So it’s Genevive and Cinco leaving Love Island.

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Cinco and Genevive take their last 30 minutes to say goodbyes. Will and Kyra and Charlie and Cashay take a second look at everything that happened. Post the last night, Will worries that girls might not want him here. But a new message strikes stating three new girls will join the Villa. They have chosen 2 boys they want to date. Each chose one boy to prepare for the entree and one for the desert.

Ending For Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 20

While the boys prepare for the dates, Will later tries to talk things out with Shannon. The reason they didn’t try to save him and Kyra. This leads to a huge breakdown where Shannon reveals she is angry since Will went out with the other girl of Casa Amor as Kyra cried all night. The episode closes with three new girls walking in. Introducing Elly, Allana, and Bailey.

Love Island US Season 3 Episode 20 Release Date and Spoilers

Love Island US Season 3 Episode 20 has already been released on August 3, 2021, airing on CBS at 9 PM ET. The release time may differ for other time zones and could lead to release on 4th August the next day as well. Also, it will be followed up on Paramount+ with a bonus episode soon. Also at the same place, you will find the rest of the episodes of Love Island US. Expect new episodes for Love Island US’s fifth week s Season 3 from Tuesday To Friday. Check out the first look for Love Island US Season 3 Episode 20 below.

There is no official synopsis for Love Island US Season 3 Episode 20 yet. But what we saw in the closing moments of the previous episode. Yes, the new girls Elly, Allana, and Bailey will be making their presence felt. They have some boy’s insight and want to try their luck. They have one advantage though, their favorite boys will serving them to welcome. So all they need is to play their cards right.

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