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Spoilers & Preview: Love Island Season 7 Episode 25

Love Island Season 7 Episode Schedule
New Islanders on Love Island Season 7 - Tyler, Abigail, and Georgia.

Love Island Season 7 Episode 25 will see the Islanders get to know more about the new members that come in this week. Love Island Season 7 Episode 24 saw the Islanders yet again having to go through complex decision-making of elimination. Day 23 has passed as a group of four boys and four girls must pick the two islanders they say goodbye. Finally, after some discussion among themselves, the two groups decided who they will eliminate from the Island. The boys picked AJ to be eliminated, while the girls picked Danny to be eliminated. After they say their goodbyes, Danny and AJ leave the island to go back to their families.

Later, the boys and girls have their own chat. While speaking to Lucinda, Chloe says how scared she was to get eliminated. Meanwhile, Liam and the boys have their own little chat as Hugo receives a new message. The message said how the night wasn’t over, and they must welcome the three new Islanders, Georgia, Abigail, and Tyler. Georgia is a Retail Marketer, Abigail is a Tattoo Artist, and Tyler is in real estate. The three do their little introductions to the group. Everyone just wants to know what is their type of partner, and also how tall Tyler is. After they establish that Tyler was now the tallest in the group, each of the three new inductees describes their type of partner. And according to what it may seem, Georgia and Hugo might have already been paired together.

Love Island Season 7 Episode 24 Recap

In Love Island Season 7 Episode 24, Liberty is trying to pair up Kaz with Tyler. During this, others want to get to know more about the girls. Abigail’s previous relationship was over a year ago, as she mentions that her celebrity crushes are Chris Brown and Zac Efron. In the meantime, Liberty’s efforts seem to have paid off as Tyler does like Kaz. He likes cute girls with great personalities, and he thinks that Kaz is cute and energetic. The Islanders head in for the night as the new inductees remain excited for their first day. The group of boys and girls have their morning discussions as to how they will go about the day. Liberty and Jack have a talk about how Liberty said Love you to him. Abigail, Georgia, and Tyler discuss who they may like.

Now, the new possible couples are speaking to one another. Abigail feels like she likes Toby and starts speaking to him. Meanwhile, Chloe was sulking in the sun as she was furious that Toby would do that to her. Chloe decides to confront Toby as he has not spoken to her the whole morning. Toby is left semi-annoyed as Chloe accuses him of being immature in his behavior because of his age and inexperience in being in a relationship. While the two didn’t say it out loud, it looks like Toby and Chloe have finally called it off.

Love Island Season 7 Episode 25 Preview and Recap


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Love Island Season 7 Episode 25 Release Date

Love Island Season 7 Episode 25 is set to be released on 22nd July 2021. Like every other episode, this episode of Love Island will also air at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT. If you wish to watch this episode as soon as it airs, be sure to convert this time to your local time zone and tune in. These episodes generally have a runtime of about 50 minutes.

Love Island Season 7 Episode 25 Preview

The Islanders are trying to know more about one another. Chloe and Toby finally seem to be off as they both try to find themselves a new partner. Abigail already may have started liking Toby, while Chloe might look forward to any new men that join the Love Island. Love Island Episode 25 will see things heat up between Tyler and Kaz. Probably, we will see more about Hugo and Georgia too.

Love Island Season 7 Episode 25 Preview and Recap

Chloe and Toby.

Where To Watch Love Island?

Love Island is available to watch on ITV. Other than this, the show is also available to watch on CBS, Hulu, 9NOW, NEON, and Paramount+. If you happen not to have a subscription to any of the above-mentioned streaming websites, you can purchase or rent individual episodes or seasons from Amazon Prime Video. Bear in mind that only the first three seasons of the show are available on the streamer at the moment. Lastly, you can also watch some highlight clips from Love Island on their YouTube Channel.

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