Love Is Blind Season 2: Who Is Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee? He Says That He Has No Regrets!

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love is blind season 2: Who is abhishek "Shake" Chaterjee?
Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee

The Love Is Blind Season 2 is all heated up! And now one of its most highlighted contestants Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee is in the middle of controversies and hatred for his ill comments for the women during the show! Moreover, when even in the Love is blind season 2 reunion special he tried to stand firm with his point of view, he invited even more unexpected hatred from the netizens! And to your surprise now he had also unfollowed his Season 2 Co-Stars on Instagram. And potentially this was one of his moves to show his anger towards them. Either because they had made him upset, disappointed, or because of the direct conflict with him.

In the season 2 reunion, he was seen behaving as if he has no regrets about his actions on the Netflix show toward Deepti Vempati, an Information Data Analyst. Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee who got engaged to Deepti Vempati was seen confessing that he had a hard time establishing a physical connection with her. Moreover, it was also revealed that he finds Deepti as his aunty. Despite all the negative thoughts, he continued addressing her with all the fake promises.

But then it was Deepti who took the bold move and prioritized her self-respect and love and said no to getting married to Shake at the altar during the finale. And after the air of the reunion special, both the fans of the Love Is Blind Season 2 and those who enjoyed the drama caused because of Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, are in search of the information and more details about him! And if you too are curious, then the next section awaits you!

love is blind season 2: Who is abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee?
Shake with Deepti on Love Is Blind

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Love Is Blind Season 2: Who is Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee? A look into his life!

Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee is one of the singles who paved his way on the second season of Love is blind, a dating reality television series produced by Kinetic Content and created by Chris Coelen. It premiered on Netflix on 11th February 2022. And was wrapped up on 25th February 2022. He is a veterinarian and aims to make the world an anxiety-free place. He is 33 years old. Moreover, you would love to know that as his profession, Shake is an animal lover and his Instagram feed is full of pictures of him enjoying time with his dogs. His Instagram bio identifies him as a veterinarian who is trying to help humans achieve self-love and success through accountability, guidance, and memes!

And now the internet is divided, the ones who are not in favor of him and consider him as the villain is because of his comments and his viewpoint. Like when once he tried to check the Deepti’s weight by asking him if he could lift her up on his shoulders during a music festival. Then, several of his ill comments which he made for Deepti. And the ones those who are in support of Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee after watching Love Is Blind Season 2, say that it is what honesty looks like as according to them, Shake was telling the truth. They believe that calling him a narcissist was not kind. Shake’s supporters say that love is kind but not blind! Well, you would also love to know that along with being a motivational speaker and veterinarian, Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee is also a DJ.

love is blind season 2: Who is abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee?
Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee

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Who is Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee dating now?

Well, without rounding up the things, the straight answer is that now Shake is more focused on self-improvement and is not dating anyone! As the Netflix series didn’t go smoothly for him as he had expected, Shake is trying to devote more time to pursue his goals. Well, it would be worth mentioning that during the show he confessed that same as Deepti, he never had dated anyone within his race before. Both of them are of Indian descent. And even after the conclusion of the series, he says that he is okay to again pair with someone of the same race!

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