‘Love In Winterland’ Filming Locations & Visuals

The Hallmark channel introduced a new genre of movies. They bring forth winter romance movies. With ‘Love in Winterland’ being one of the best. Pat William directed the romantic drama movie. It was released on January 11th, 2021. ‘Love in Winterland’ is a story revolving around Ally and Brett. The career enthusiast city women who values work over anything. It is a movie about her realizing true emotions. And harmonize old bonds she left behind. The movie received mediocre ratings and reviews. But, a decent one-time watch with loved ones. The triumph of an adorable fondness.

The 30 years old Ally Wilson is a workaholic. She is the marketing executive manager of an extravagant hotel in Los Angeles. Ally participate in a dating show called Happily Ever After. However, Ally did so to promote her hotel. And set a good impression on her boss. The multi-talented Tanner Dillon is the star of the show. Soon Ally learns that the final episode will be shot at Winterland. Ally’s hometown. There she came across her high school beau, Brett Hollister. The two broke up after Ally shifts to the city. But, Brett decides not to leave his hometown. She also finds out about the depleting businesses of her town. Rejecting a promotion, she decides to stay behind with her family. And to look after the businesses. She reconciles with Brett at the end.

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Poster of the hallmark movie ‘Love in Winterland’ casting the lead characters

‘Love In Winterland’ shooting locations

Most of the Hallmark movies shares similar shooting location. These movies mesmerizes its viewers. Especially for their background settings. So where the movie ‘Love In Winterland’ was filmed? Well, it is the Vancouver city of British Colombia. The Big White Ski Resort is another shooting location of ‘Love In Winterland’. It is located in the city of Kelowna, British Colombia. The makers of the movie staged Kelowna as the fictional city of Winterland. The hometown of Ally and Brett. Director Pat Williams shot the whole film at these two locations only. But what is the possible reason for such monotonic sets?

One of the reasons is that Hallmark shoots almost every movie in Canada. Canada is the home of many production houses. The country witnessed the shooting of various movies throughout the year. Canada charges moderate production taxes. On the other hand, the country provides captivating background settings. A perfect location for the shooting of mountains scenes. As well as the seaside scenes. Another reason is that the Hallmark movies are crafted at an inflexible budget. The makers are left with limited options. As they have inflexible production costs. So it is unfeasible for them to frequently change locations.

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The Big White Ski Resort, one of the shooting location of the hallmark movie ‘Love In Winterland’

Casts and other details

‘Love In Winterland’ has a huge casts list. Like any other Hallmark movies. Every character plays a significant role in these movies. In the leads, we get to see Italia Ricci as Alice Ally Wilson. And Chad Michael Murray as Brett Hollister. The other casts are Jack Turner as Tanner Dillon. Wanda Cannon as Molly Wilson, Michael Kopsa as Tom Wilson. Edwin Perez as Sam, Trish Allen as Darla. Teagan Vincze as Helene, Kirsten Robek as Trish Turner. Aliyah O’Brien as Lauren Burns, Serge Houde as Walter Sprodling. And Brittney Wilson as Rosie.

Italia Ricci as Alice Ally and Chad Michael Murray as Brett Hollister in the hallmark movie ‘Love in Winterland’

Hallmark movies never fail to captivate audiences. An endearing love story with alluring locations. Hallmark will be the epitome of making Holidays movies. They have various genres of romantic movies. Such as Christmas, summer. Holiday, and the new winter romance. The director of ‘Love In Winterland’, Pat Williams made several other Hallmark movies. He directed the ‘Write Before Christmas’ and ‘Christmas Bells are ringing.’ ‘Love In Winterland’ is available on several streaming platforms. Such as the Vudu, Amazon Prime.

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