The C-Drama Love in a Loop has us going in a loop. A loop of watching and rewatching episodes because we just can’t get enough. Love In A Loop is more than halfway through the show, and it’s sad the show will end next week. But the silver lining is that we still have eight more episodes to go. Love in a Loop Episode 17 and 18 are going to be released soon. Before it comes out, we will go through the previous episodes. Along with this, we will also let you know the date and timings and where you can watch the show.

The romantic comedy- fantasy drama began on 1 May 2022 and is seeing a great run. The show is constantly trending on major streaming sites and on the internet. It’s great main cast, and the talented array of supporting cast are to be given credit. Each actor portrays their role with natural ease. The leading girl, Zhang Ya Qin, truly has my heart. Unlike most female characters we see in C-Drama, her acting is refreshing. She is like a whiff of fresh air as she plays the role of Luduo, who is getting tired of getting stuck in a time loop.

Love In A Loop Recap

The last few episodes have focused on the work culture of San Xing company. It doesn’t just revolve around the main cast but has active participation of all cast members. Time looping began as a curse for Li Luduo and Bai Zhengxiang. Every time any employee cursed Xhengxiang with resentment energy, Zhengxiang died. As a turn, Luduo was sent into a time loop, making her repeat the day all over again. But as the show has progressed, Zhengxiang and Luduo has come to see this as a boon in disguise.

When opponents tried bringing down the company, Zhengxiang and Luduo just went into a time loop and managed to save the day. In the words of Bai Zhengxiang, “Time circulation is a superpower”. They are even using the power for fun things like lottery and simply just going on day dates and dinners.

Love in a Loop episode 17-18
Love in a Loop still cr:iQIYI

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Love In A Loop Episode 17 & 18 Preview

We are also getting to see how Zhengxiang and Luduo are slowly closing the distance between them. Both physically and emotionally. There have been a few misunderstandings about who likes whom, but those are the essence of romantic comedies. The viewers and we are hoping that we will get to see many cute moments between the BaiLi couple. After all, we all love office romances and enemies lovers trope.

Love in a Loop ep 17-18
Love in a Loop cr: iQIYI

In the last aired episode, though, we saw antis trying to ruin the company’s image, and it’s all up to Zhengxiang and Luduo to prevent any more mishappenings from taking place. A food poisoning news has jeopardized the job of an intern at Lazy Food, and maybe, time manipulation would be the savior. Episode 17 and 18 of Love in a Loop are going to be exciting beyond words, and we can’t wait!

Love In A Loop Episode 17 & 18 Release Date

Love In A Loop Episode 17 & 18 will release on 11 May 2022. More and more questions will get answered in the upcoming episodes. From the content we have got until now, it has been impressive. I hope we get a logical reason for all that has been happening. It’s fun to watch it nonetheless, but a little explanation won’t kill. The show will end in the coming week. Hence, if you still haven’t watched this drama yet, you are missing out on some good stuff.

Watch Love In A Loop Episode 17 & 18 Online – Streaming Details

Love In A Loop Episode 17 and 18 of Love in a Loop will be released together on the official streaming partner’s sites, iQIYI, and Tencent. iQIYI is giving its VIP members the privilege to watch 2 episodes at once that would release on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Two episodes get released on these designated days. But the non-VIP members can still watch it, but it may require a lot of waiting.

The timing of the show for international viewers vary. If you are in the US, the episodes will release at 7:30 am, 12:30 pm in the UK, 5:00 pm in India, 9:30 pm in Australia, and 7:30 am if you are in Canada.

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