Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 5 Episode 9

Hollywood area is full of struggling artists, and they have to face a lot of issues as we know. Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood also represents the same, as they portray the life of several artists living in Hollywood. It is not hidden that they have rifts, relations, aggression, and love towards the people they meet every day. And that is what we have seen throughout the season.

Recently, we saw A1 grabbed Sarfaree’s genetically modified hairline. Incidents like this provoke a huge mess in the house, and we are here to tell you about the same. So let’s get started with Love and Hip Hop; Hollywood season 5 episode 9 release date, where to watch, and spoilers.

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 5 Episode 9

The show is the third part of reality show franchise Love and Hip Hop. The show is into its fifth season, and eight episodes have been broadcasted. The ninth episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood season 5 will be broadcasted on 17 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on VH1 channel.

The ninth episode will be broadcasted on VH1 this Monday at 8/7c PM. The show can also be streamed using the VH1 app, as well as all the other streaming service providers and the mentioned time.

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood season 5 is full of feuds and issues, not to forget that sometimes they even feel like manipulated by the management. Recently, we saw the A1 and Lyrica’s feud as we discussed. That even got worse as they were fighting with everyone who came across, now that is a silly behavior. We know that their friends are really not their friends, but this is disgusting.

Also, Brooke is really a bad impact when she is with Marcus. And not only with Marcus, but she is also herself a bad image. For example, she keeps on following Lyrica and keeps asking if she is pregnant with Sarfaree’s upcoming child. It is really ridiculous and embarrassing.

Moreover, we even have worse situations, as Paris was seen watching Teairra Mari’s leaked revenge porn over Wi-Fi. What can we say about this? I believe they should give Teairra importance as they used to offer previously while they were laughing about her business.

The upcoming episode will fill in more weird behaviors, alongside more feuds. We know that the show is full of unique character, and when they collide, they always do something unexpected!

You cannot download Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 5 Episode 9 anywhere online. 

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