HBO’s upcoming limited series Love and Death release date starring Elizabeth Olsen, chronicling an axe crime in Central Texas in 1980 will drop this year. And it’s just one of two productions that Hollywood will give out. We’ll focus on this one for the moment. The other one will be done by Hulu, and we’re also covering it on our site as well. But for the moment, let’s stick to this one.

The HBO production, Love and Death, is produced by David E. Kelley and Academy Award-winner Nicole Kidman and stars Elizabeth Olsen, Jesse Plemons, and Lily Rabe in stellar roles. If you want to know everything about this upcoming production, be sure to read our scoop from top to bottom. Now, without further ado, let’s dig into this topic!

Love and Death Release Date
Elizabeth Olsen will play an ax murderer!

What Is Love And Death’s Plot?

A husband and wife who are local church attendees as well as members in Wylie, Texas, have a beautiful and serene life in 1980. Candy Montgomery (Elizabeth Olsen) kills her friend Betty Gore (Lily Rabe) with an ax, and their lives begin to unravel.

Initially, Candy and Betty’s husband (Jesse Plemons) were conducting an extramarital affair that was unknown to their respective partners in the second part of 1970. Betty Gore is discovered dead with 41 ax stabs within a short period of time after the affair ends. Candy becomes the leading suspect because she was the last person to see Betty alive, according to her statement.

A Trial

When the trial resumes, Candy admits that she would be the one who murdered Betty. She claims that Betty became upset after learning about her husband’s affair with Candy and attacked her first. As a result, Candy claims she killed Betty in self-defense and was not charged with a crime.

Is Love and Death Based Upon A True Story?

Firstly, Love and Death tell the true story of the gruesome death of Betty Gore at the hands of Candy Montgomery in Texas in 1980. Secondly, the story is chronicled in a book written by Jim Atkinson. It’s titled “Evidence of Love: A Ture Story of Passion and Death in THe Suburbs”.


Elizabeth Olsen —you may remember her from her role in Marvel movies as Wanda Maximoff— plays Candy Montgomery. Jesse Plemons —you may remember him from Breaking Bad— plays Allan Gore. Patrick Fugit —from Almost Famous— plays Pat Montgomery. Lily Rabe —you may remember her from American Horror Show—plays Betty Gore.

Elizabeth Marvel —you may remember her as Heather Dunbar from House of Cards— plays Jackie Ponder. Tomp Pelphrey plays Don Crowder. Krysten Ritter —Jane Margolis from Breaking Bad— plays Sherry Cleckler.  Rounding up the cast we have Brian d’Arcy, Mackenzie Astin, Bruce McGill, Adam Cropper Olivia Applegate, Fabiola Andújar, Aaaron Jay Rome and Richard C. Jones.

Production Details

Firstly, the series for HBO Max was filmed entirely on location all over the great state of Texas. On iconic locations like Austin, La Grange, Georgetown, Hutto, Kerrville, Smithville, Lockhart, and San Marcos. Moreover, the executive producers for Love and Death are the famous David E. Kelley —from Dougie Houser and House— and Academy Award-winner actress Nicole Kidman.

Love and Death Release Date
Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery

Love and Death Release Date

Love and Death will release sometime later this year. Firstly, the series is currently in production. Shooting began in January 2022 in Texas. And so far, we don’t even have a trailer to share with you. Moreover, despite the lack of official information concerning the precise date. We can share with you for sure that it will be this year. As HBO plans to compete with rival platform Hulu, who also plans on dropping a series based upon the crime of Candy Montgomery.

Lastly, as soon as we hear a concrete date from HBO, we will post an update for you. With this, we are concluding our scoop about Love and Date here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our article. And please go to our main page to check out what else is going on in the entertainment world. See you soon!

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