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Love All Play Episode 4 Release Date: Ryou Finds His Rhythm

love all play
Love All Play Episode 04 "Ranking Match" Release Date Cr: OtakuKart

Do you like playing badminton? If the answer is ‘yes’, we got the perfect anime for you. ‘Love All Play’ was recently released on 2 April 2022, and the moment this anime was out, people went crazy. From animation to story, ‘Love All Play’ has got it all. If you used to like playing badminton, then this anime is going to make you love playing badminton. We all get busy playing the game during a badminton match, but we forget to observe the feelings and emotions attached to every shot we make.

But, ‘Love All Play’ is going to make us feel every moment of it. Three episodes are already out, and now fans are waiting for the 4th episode to make its entrance. And it is going to be pretty soon. Get ready with your rackets as you are going to see and learn a lot soon enough.

If you are this excited for the next episode, then why are you still here? Is it because you don’t know when the next episode is going to drop in? Then you are in the right place. You’ll get everything you need right here. So, let’s move forward without wasting a single second.

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‘Love All Play’ Episode 4 – “Ranking Match” – Release Date

For those who don’t know where they can find this amazing anime, it is available on Crunchyroll as well as on Ani-One Asia Youtube Channel. Love All Play’ Episode 4 will be released on 23 April 2022, and each episode is available on Saturdays.

How To Watch ‘Love All Play’ Episode 4?

Japanese fans will get to watch this episode at 17:30 hrs Japanese Standard Time (JST). The U.S. fans will be able to watch it at 20:00 hrs Pacific Time (PT)/13:30 hrs Eastern Time (ET). And for Indian fans, episode 04 will be available at 14:00 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST).

And for those fans who are also eager to know when episode 05, “Two People” will drop in, it is going to be on 30 April 2022.

Ryou Mizushima

Where And When Can You Watch ‘Love All Play’ Episode 04 “Ranking Match”?

‘Love All Play’ Plot

Ryou Mizushima wants to play badminton, and for that, he enrolls in middle school and soon joins the badminton club of his school. But little did he know that this club did not have a coach of its own. But that did not stop Ryou from working hard for his dream. Even without any professional help, he practiced hard every day and improved his skills on his own. Believing in himself, he participated in the prefectural tournament. Those who dream of flying high need bigger wings. And his potential was noticed by Hitoshi Ebihara, coach of Yokohama Minato High School Badminton Club. Ryou was approached by Ebihara sensei to join his High School so that he can get a better opportunity to showcase his skills.

Love all play

‘Love All Play’ Plot

This decision was huge for Ryou, so he hesitates, of course. But, his elder sister, Rika Mizushima, encourages him to move forward and grab what belongs to him. Now that Ryou chose to move forward, he finally got a coach who can properly guide him. So far, Ryou learned everything on his own. But, whatever he learned till now is not enough. He still has a lot to learn.

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What  Happened Till Now? – Episode 3 “Entering School” Recap

After getting the support of his elder sister, Rika, Ryou finally is on his first step at Yokohama Minato High School. Of course, the first day can be intimidating, knowing that you are all alone. But, Ryou finds someone familiar, Koki Matsuda. They both are in the badminton club. Koki being the cool guy, is the center of attention for the girls. And other boys wanting to become the same as him join the badminton club, hoping to get some attention.

But, soon, they realize that badminton is not a piece of cake. Just the training and warmup sessions were enough to make a lot of boys change their minds. Akira Uchida is a total beginner. Even though he was struggling the most, he kept practicing hard. And as soon as he got to hit his first shot, he got the spirit to play even harder.

love all play

Episode 03 “Entering School” Recap

Meanwhile, Ryou got the chance to play with Kento Yusa, the star player of the team. At first, Ryou was unable to stand against Kento, but soon Kento saw the glow in Ryou’s eyes and chose to give him another shot. Soon he was impressed by Ryou as he managed to at least predict the distracting shots he was hitting. All this time, Ryou could never find the answer to why exactly he wanted to play badminton. But, soon he gets his answer, as the beginner Akira Uchida helps him understand. Even though he isn’t very good at this game, he still plays it because he was having fun.

Sounds simple, but isn’t it why we all play our favorite game? Because it’s fun.

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