Episode 7 of the anime Love All Play is next in the line, and fans of the series are excited about the said episode. Among the anime that came out in April 2022, Love All Play is different and exciting. Well, this is the thing about the sports genre anime. They are always ready to excite us and give us a new sense of anime. You are surely missing out on a lot of fun and good story if you are not watching Love All Play anime.

Episode 6 came with an interesting end. If you are looking for the information regarding episode 7 of Love All Play, like its release date, time, and where to watch it? Then we have got you covered with all the information regarding the seventh episode of Love All Play.

The anime is based on the Japanese novel series which is written by Asami Koseki. The four volumes of the novel ran from May 2011 to March 2014 under the publication of Polar Publishing. The anime adaptation of the novel series was announced in August 2021. Nippon Animation and OLM studious are producing the anime. The anime premiered on 2nd April 2022. As of publishing this article, so far, there 6 episodes of the Love All Play anime. Whereas Episode seven of Love All Play anime is all set to release next week. For those of you who don’t know what anime is about, let’s check it out.

What Love All Play is about?

Love All Play anime is a sports genre and slice-of-life anime. The protagonist of the anime is a junior high school boy named Ryou Mizushima. When Ryou gets admission to junior high school, he joins the badminton club of the school. He had high expectations about the badminton club, but the club does not even have a proper coach.

Nonetheless, Ryou gets better at playing badminton all on his own, and he participates in a prefecture tournament. With his strength and his skills in badminton, the coach Ebihara of Yokohama Minato High School is impressed.

Love All Play anime characters

The coach offers him to join the badminton club of their school in order to get even better at badminton. At first, Ryou is hesitant about joining the prestigious school, and neither his parents are supportive of him playing badminton. However, his elder sister Rika motivates him to follow his dreams, and he gets into the school and joins the badminton club. With the support of new rivals and a new coach, Ryou intends to enter the inter-high tournament.

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Love All Play Episode 7 Release Date and Time

As mentioned earlier, the Love All Play anime came out on 2nd April of 2022. The new episodes of the Love All Play are scheduled to release weekly. As of May 7, there are a total of 6 episodes, with the latest episode coming out on May 7 itself. The new episode of Love All Play is episode 7 of Love All Play, which will come out a week from May &. The release date for episode 7 of Love All Play is May 14, 2022.

Whereas the time for the ep seventh of Love All Play is also its usual release time which is 5:30 AM JST (Japanese Standard Time). The title of the next episode of Love All Play is “Will power”. The expectations for the next episode of Love All Play could be regarding the ongoing tournament. The preview for the next episode said there is going to be a practice match against the Saitama Futuba Academy.

All four players are losing against the five-time inter-high champions as expected. The strongest double pairs, Yusa and Yoko, intend to get revenge for their team, but will they succeed? We will find it out next week.

Love All Play Episode 7
Love All Play Episode 7 preview

Where to watch Love All Play Episode 7?

The upcoming episode of the Love All Play will be available on Crunchyroll once it’s released. You can also watch all the episodes of the anime after paying a minimum subscription fee. Ani – One Asia Youtube Channel is also streaming the anime on its channel for free.

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