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Will There Be Love Alarm Season 3?

Love Alarm is a south Korean web television series. It was the first series ever to be picked up by Netflix for a release and showed huge success likewise, continuing the show to even extend for a second season. The show stars Kim So Hyung, Song Kang, and Jung Ga Ram in lead roles. The drama is based on a webtoon of the same name Chon Kye Young. Under the direction of Lee Na Jung, the drama revolves around the love interest of the three.

love alarm

K- Drama Love Alarm

The plot of ”Love Alarm.”

The plot of the story revolves around the love interest of the three main characters, Kim Jo Jo, Hwang Sun Oh, and Lee Hye Yeong. Kim Jo Jo is a high school girl whose life is not easy as others, she lives with her aunt and her daughter and has to overdo work often, working here and there on different shifts. The world around her is highly influenced by a mobile app that is capable of detecting if someone likes you within their vicinity and whether or not they have feelings for the person. Kim Jo Jo initially didn’t have the money to buy an updated phone to get the app, love alarm installed in her device. But  Jo jo’s cousin Park Gul Mi had a guy who likes him, to which she rejected the guy, and the guy was left heartbroken thereafter. He wanted to gift Park Gul Mi a new phone but ultimately gave it to Jo Jo.

love alarm

Love alarm Korean drama

After the proper utilization of the app, Kim Jo-Jo and Hwang Sun Oh confessed their likeness for each other via the application. On the other hand, Lee Hye Yeong, too, has had feelings for Kim Jo Jo for a long time now and tries his own ways via the app to tell it to her.

The app doesn’t reveal who likes you, it just reveals if someone within that radius likes you or not. Followed by a series of events, Kim Jo Jo decides to break up with Hwang Sun Oh by installing a shield suggested by the developer of the app. Confusion and misunderstandings strike the heart of Hwang Sun Oh, who is left heartbroken, and we see the further continuation of the story in season 2.

love alarm

Love Alarm main lead

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Love Alarm Season 2

Season 2 of the series deals with the completion of the puzzles left incomplete in season 1. After the constant efforts made by Lee Hye Young, Kim Jo Jo’s heart melts for him little by little, but to clear her doubts and to get clarity on whom she actually likes in season 2, we’ll see Kim Jo Jo sets out to uninstall the app. While coping up with personal adversities, Kim Jo Jo firms her mind to clear the mess, she is in.

Will the drama Love Alarm have a Season 3?

Since Love alarm season 2 had just 6 episodes, there is a high probability for the series to continue for a third season as well. Despite the happy ending, there is still a possibility of Love Alarm returning since the webtoon for this show is not finished, leaving us hoping for a third season and more.

The cast of Love Alarm

Love alarm is a 2019 drama that took the net by storm when it was released on Netflix. The drams stars Kim So-Hyun as Kim Jo Jo, Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye Young, and Song Kang as Hwang Sun Oh. In supporting roles, we have Go Min Si, Shim Yi Young, Kim Shi Eun, Ki Do Hoon, Bae Da Bin, Lee Do Eun, and many others.

The genres of the drama include friendship, romance, and drama.  With the direction under Kim Jin Woo, Lee Na Jung, and screenwriting under Lee Ah Yeon and Seo Bo Ra.

Where to watch ” Love Alarm”

Love alarm is an original Netflix drama and can be watched anytime on Netflix with subtitles. The second season of the drama aired on Friday, 12th March 2021, and is getting a good amount of response from the audience. The drama already has a huge fan base who were all eagerly waiting for the drama. Even after the second season will assume the drama to come back again on popular demand.

The drama is also popularly known as Joahamyeon ullineun sijeun 2.

For more details on the drama, read more:

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