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Love Alarm 3 Updates: Is The Drama Heading For A Third Season?

love alarm
love alarm

Is Love Alarm Season 3 Coming? After the ending of the second season, many fans hold this possibility of the renewal of the series. Love Alarm is a South Korean drama that gained massive popularity. The series is based on the webtoon of the same name. Even though the drama is over, viewers can’t help but make several theories regarding the happening of a third season. The series had a total of 2 seasons, the first being released on 22nd August 2019 while the second season came out on 22nd March 2021. Almost two years after the release of the first season.

The basic storyline revolves around a love app named Love Alarm which helps the user to find out whether someone has romantic feelings for them within a radius of 10 meters. After the first season, several fan theories were made as to what would happen in Season 2. However, it was a long wait as season 2 came out in 2021. The acclaimed series stars Kim So-hyun, Jang Ga-ram, and Song Kang in lead roles. They reprised their respective roles in the second season as well.

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Love Alarm Season 3 Updates: Is The Show Heading For A Season 3?

Unfortunately, till now, there have been no updates regarding the renewal of the show for season 3. There has been no official confirmation or a hint for a season 3 from the actors or from the directors. Season 2 had a close ending in case of the lead protagonists Kim Jojo (Kim So-hyun), Lee Hye-Yeong (Jang Ga-ram). However, if ever there is a chance of a season 2, then it can be based on the other characters. The bond between Sun-oh (Song Kang) and Lee Yuk-Jo (Kim Si-Eun) still has a long road to travel. Their love story can serve a different perspective and can be used as an apparent storyline if the season gets renewed.

Love Alarm

Song Kang as Sun-oh Love Alarm

Though there is no sign of a season 3, fans still can’t get over this fact and are hopeful that one day the word “no” perhaps will be replaced by “maybe”. Till then, we wait.

Love Alarm is the first South Korean Show with Netflix as its original network. After that, the rest is history. Now, you can find various leading Korean dramas on this global platform.

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Love Alarm Season 1 and 2 Synopsis

Season 1

The story encompasses three individuals who live in an era where Love is being controlled by technology. Kim Jojo is a high school student who lives with her aunt and still hasn’t explored the concept of Love properly. Though dating, she decides to break up with her current boyfriend as she knows that it’s not working out. Meanwhile, Hwang Sun-oh is really happy to meet his childhood friend Lee Hye-Yeong after returning from abroad. The lives of these three people are connected by an app, Love Alarm which tells one if someone has feelings for them within a radius of 10 meters. Sun-oh comes to know that his friend has feelings for Jojo, which he hasn’t expressed yet.

Love alarm

Jojo and Sun-oh in Love Alarm Season 1

Sun-oh, being popular in school, rings every girl’s Alarm except Jojo. To find out the reason, he starts to hang out with her only to unawarely falling for her. Seeing Sun-oh with Jojo makes Hye-yeong’s heart ache. However, he doesn’t confess to her for the sake of his friendship.

The couple goes on a trip together where they encounter a small accident. After returning back, things get awkward between them, and Jojo puts a shield on her Love Alarm so that it won’t ring when Sun-oh is around.

Hye-Yeong finally decides to let his feelings out and confesses to Jojo. Jojo finds herself in a difficult situation as though she doesn’t want the relationship with Sun-oh, remnant feelings  for Sun-oh lived inside her. The ending of the first season leaves one with a lot of questions as a glimpse is given of the trio’s college life.

Season 2

After season 1 left the audience biting their nails as to who Jojo will end up with, season 2 upheld the feelings she finally started to feel for Hye-Yeong. Jojo gathers the courage to take her shield down as she wants to give the relationship with Hye-Yeong an honest try. Though at first, it was really difficult for Sun-oh to sink in the fact that she has moved with someone else and someone is not him. However, with time he came to the realization and started taking his relationship with Lee Yuk-Jo a bit more seriously. Now, the story doesn’t end here as then it would have been a blatantly plain kdrama.

Love Alarm

A still from Love Alarm Season 2

Meanwhile, people are getting murdered, and the cops have found a clue that it is related to the Love Alarm app. Jojo is approached by a strange man, and finally, the authorities get hold of him and are identified as the one who caused all those ruthless murders. Later it was found out that he was the one and only survivor of the mass suicide. The mass suicide was caused by people who felt that they were not worthy of Love after their Love Alarms didn’t ring.

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Love Alarm Season 3 Updates: Cast, Characters & OST

Since there is no official announcement or confirmation regarding the renewal of the drama, so any changes in the cast cannot be detected.

The cast in Season 1 and 2 are as follows-

Kim So-hyun played the role of Kim Jojo. A high school student who works hard so that she doesn’t become a burden to her aunt. She always wears a smile on her face. Jojo has her share of traumatic experiences due to her family history. In season 1, she has feelings for Sun-oh; however, from season 2 onwards, the story changes.

Jang Ga-ram essayed the role of Lee Hye-young. Just like Jojo, he also works hard, and coincidentally they used to do their part-time job at the same place. Ga-ram is friends with Sun-oh, and he is the son of the house-help in Sun-oh’s house. From the very beginning, he had feelings for Jojo; however, he never had the courage to confront her. Later in season 1, he let out his feelings for Jojo by confessing to her.

Song Kang played Hwang Sun-oh, who is a friend of Hye-young. He fell in Love with Jojo, and even after their breakup, he couldn’t process this fact. However, as the season progressed, he realized and eventually moved on.

Among the supporting casts, Lee Jae-eung portrayed Cheon Duk-gu, who developed this entire app of Love Alarm because of which the story started in the first place. Go Min-si essayed Park Gul-mi, who is Jojo’s self-centered cousin. She had a crush on Sun-oh. Shim Yi-young played Baek Kyung-hee. She portrayed the role of a loving mother of Hye-young. She was the house-help in Sun-oh’s house, a friend of Hye-young.

Season 1 of the drama received mixed reviews from critics. For some, it felt like a fresh twist in the world of Korean dramas, while for some, the characters felt a bit irrational. However, season 2 mostly met with negative reviews. According to some critics, the drama certainly offered a lot. In spite of them, nothing stood out.

Love Alarm kind of shows that in today’s world though people are just a “touch” away, still they are so lonely. The mass suicide is relevant in this context. The heavy dependence on virtual likes sometimes leaves rationality behind. The rectangular screens become our “lives” even without us knowing.

OST Of The Series

The soundtrack of the series consists of seven songs which include “Falling Again” by Klang, “In My Little Mind” by Hodge, “A Man For All Seasons” ft. Zitten by Tearliner, “In My Dreams” acoustic version by Tearliner, “Blooming Story” ft. Jo Hae-jin by Tearliner as well. All these songs are 2 minutes to 5 minutes long in duration.

Love Alarm

Jojo finally rang Hye-yeong’s Love Alarm

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Love Alarm Streaming Details

Love Alarm is the first South Korean drama picked up by Netflix. You can easily find this drama in the global streaming app. Now, to avail the app is pretty simple. You need to create an account, and for that, a subscription plan needs to be chosen. Choose according to your preference, and that’s all you need to watch Love Alarm.

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