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Lost In Space Season 4: Is Netflix doing Another Season?

Lost in Space Season 4
Lost in Space Season 4

With December starting, Netflix’s commitment to constantly premiere new content this year is a promise they’re keeping, and with the third season of Lost in Space debuting this December 1. What will happen regarding Lost in Space Season 4? Is it happening? Is this latest season the series finale? Or are the stranded Robinsons with the Resolute Interstellar Spacecraft having —yet another— a season of interplanetary adventures? Today in Otakukart, we answer those questions for you.

Lost in Space takes us to the future in 2046 when a couple of years after a dreaded event that put in jeopardy the survival of mankind had the Robinson family embark on a spaceship. The interstellar carrier Resolute also carries another group of families. As they plan to colonize the Alpha Centauri planetary system. And they do it in a series of science-fiction adventures that take inspiration from the original 1960s program.

Lost In Space Season 4 Renewal Status: Is it Happening?

Regrettably, Lost in Space season 4 isn’t happening. To begin, Netflix commissioned the third and final season in early September 2020, the filming for Season 3 began in Iceland that same month and concluded right in the middle of the pandemic on January 14, 2021. Secondly, Lost in Space Season 3 debuted on Netflix on December 1, 2021, worldwide, gathering massive attention from fans and critics alike. Despite its short run, the beautiful editing, special effects, and aesthetics of the contemporary reboot of the original 1960’s series will continue to captivate many followers for years to come.

It’s not like Netflix is being particularly nasty to Lost in Space and not to any of their other series. Most Netflix programs are fortunate to have a three-season run since their business strategy is based on putting out a large amount of content when it is the cheapest for them to do so. Shows often get more costly as they go, and they also lose viewers. Keeping this in mind, Netflix attempts to capitalize on programs when they are most beneficial for them. This isn’t a cheap genre, therefore we’re sure it plays a role.

Lost in Space Season 4

Stills from Lost in Space Season 3 from Netflix

Where to Watch Lost in Space?

To begin, if you want to watch Lost in Space, then you have to go to Netflix because it is an exclusive series for the streaming giant. In consequence, you won’t be seeing Lost in Space in any of its competitors like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Vudu, Sling TV, or YouTube TV. Moreover, all things considered, Netflix is fairly easy to acquire and worldwide accessible at great prices. With an essential subscription, you get access to a vast catalog of ever-expanding movies, series, documentaries, and shows. Well worth your money.

Lost in Space Season 3 Official Trailer:

Lost in Space Official Season 2 Netflix Recap Trailer

In case you wish to catch up with Lost in Space. Just with a few minutes of your time, you’ll learn of what happened to the Robinson family. The crew embarks on the 24th mission of the Resolute spacecraft as they get lost in their interstellar journey all across the Alpha Centauri system. The folks at Netflix prepared this amazing video recap showing us the second season’s best moments with cut-scenes and dialogues.

Lost in Space Season 2 & 3 Recap

Maureen pilots the Resolute into the gas planet’s atmosphere to harvest ammonium. As the mutiny begins, Hastings informs John that Maureen has handed him her access passwords for Will’s acceptance into the Jupiter program. Hastings threatens to open an airlock where staff is working if Maureen refuses to yield the bridge. John dispatches Smith to warn Maureen. But Smith takes a detour to avoid facing Samantha and her mother, causing her to take longer to reach the bridge and arrive too late to get entry.

Hastings disengage the airlock, trapping Ava and Don, who barely live using oxygen masks. Maureen rescues them by locking the airlock outside while inside a service pod. The rebellion fails, but Captain Kamal believes Maureen’s calculations and implements her plan against Hastings’ objections. Meanwhile, Penny informs Will that the Robot seems to have changed, as shown by the fact that it rejects Will’s pleas to aid the imprisoned employees and instead frees Scarecrow.

Lost in Space Season 4

High End Special FX from Lost in Space Season 3

John chastises Smith

John chastises Smith for betraying them and dismisses her claim that she sincerely sought to warn Maureen. The Robot denied Will’s desire to take the Resolute to Alpha Centauri. To protect himself, Hastings locks John and Maureen out of the ship while they are outside in separate service pods. Will offers to aid the Robot in saving the ailing Scarecrow by returning it to the planet with the assistance of Judy and Penny.

Meanwhile, Smith assists Hastings in thwarting their plan. The Robinson children trick the authorities by playing a shell game, and Will can transport the Scarecrow to Jupiter 2. But to be stopped by Adler. Will persuades a repentant Adler to assist in transporting Scarecrow to the planet. But the Robot is caught to enable them to escape. Hastings connects the Robot to the alien engine and the torture apparatus as they journey to the planet.

Maureen and John sneak back on board.

Maureen and John, who narrowly escaped Hastings’ assassination attempt, sneak back on board. They are kept secret by Don and the Robinson children. Adler gives his life to rescue Scarecrow, while Maureen, John, and Don gain control of the Resolute when Hastings attempts to leave orbit without the trapped colonists. A ship of robots strikes and boards the Resolute, and more are on their way to recover the alien engine.

Maureen and Don capture the robots, while Judy leads a mission to transport the Resolute’s 97 children to the Alpha Centauri settlement on a Jupiter powered by the alien engine flown by the Robot. The Resolute crew and adult colonists disperse in the other Jupiters due to their inability to pass via the space gap. Smith and Scarecrow both die fighting the oncoming robots, enabling Judy, Will, Penny, and the children to escape.

Scuttling the ship

Maureen and John remain behind to destroy the Resolute and the robots’ ship. Don saves them before the spacecraft explodes in Jupiter 2. The Jupiter with the children flees into the fissure. On the other hand, the Robot followed a human-made radar signal, which took the spacecraft to an uncharted star system. They come to the Fortuna, a ship that went missing over two decades ago and was captained by Grant Kelly, Judy’s biological father.

The protective shield is repaired using the Jupiters as a power source, killing SAR’s spacecraft. On the other hand, the Robots make it to the ground, where Will discovers they want to use the alien engine to tear a hole in the Earth and destroy it. Penny, Vjay, and the other youngsters befriend several wounded Robots by rescuing them from the debris, and they join the battle against SAR’s soldiers.

Lost in Space Season 4

Interstellar travel featured in Lost in Space Season 3

Robot sabotage

Robot prevents Smith from murdering Radic, and Smith, Robot, and Will journey to Robot’s homeworld. Where he unsuccessfully tries to persuade his race to liberate themselves from their programming with Will’s mechanical heart failure due to the stress. Robot sacrifices himself to rescue Will, inspiring the rest of his kind to send Will and Smith with a broadcast command to reprogram the Robots assaulting Alpha Centauri.

The Conclusion

SAR still tries to destroy the Earth, but Will lets SAR stab him in the heart again, prompting SAR to ingest a piece of Robot that had been left behind. Finally, SAR’s body is taken over by a robot. Which shuts down the alien engine, saving the planet and ending the war. In the aftermath, the majority of the Robots depart for unknown destinations, while the remaining Robots coexist peacefully with humanity.

Maureen and Don begin building a replacement for the Resolute with the help of the Robots, Penny and Vjay start dating, and Will and Robot embark on an exploratory mission together. A repentant Smith pays a visit to a recuperating Radic and gives him a true confession. And she is imprisoned for her crimes. Maureen pays Smith a visit and tells her that she should look for the Robinsons again when she is released, reassuring Smith that they are her family. With this, we wrap up our coverage of Lost in Space season 4 here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our recap, and please keep coming back to our website for more daily updates.

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