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Lost Episode 5 Kdrama: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

K-drama "Lost" Episode 5
K-drama "Lost" Episode 5

With the ending of Nevertheless, JTBC has released another one of its K-drama titled Lost. Following the same troupe of a younger guy and older woman troupe. Lost focuses on the existential crisis people go through in their middle age. Lee Bu Jeong has no idea what to do with her life. While Lee Kang Jae is afraid that there is no one for him. With four episodes out, the story is slowly building up to reveal the emotions of a person that stays hidden as they go out in the world. As Bu Jeong is chasing after Kang Jae, the fans are waiting for them to have a real talk in episode 5 of K-drama ” Lost”.

Lee Bu Jeong is in her 40s and works as a ghostwriter, but lately, her life has been going well. Her recent client, who was also a close friend, actor A-Ram, is suing her. She isn’t happy in her marriage with Jin Jung Soo because of all the stress. And work as a housekeeper at a luxury apartment complex. Kang Jae, on the other side, works as a “rented guest” and is in the crisis of having no future. After the handkerchief incident, both Bu Jeong and Kang Jae ran into each other at the apartment complex where her father lives.

K-drama "Lost" Episode 5

Lee Kang Jae in the hallway.

Recap: Episode 4

As Kang Jae is getting back home, Bu Jeong’s father stops him and gives him some cake. As he goes in to give him a slice, Bu Jeong and Kang Je exchange phone numbers as she promised him last time. It’s his birthday, and he is all alone. His mother texted him if he had some seaweed soup, to which he sent her a picture of a cake.

As he gets another request to join a party as a guest, he cancels the request and decides to go to his parents late at night. Reaching home, he wakes his mom up and goes in for a small dinner. As he eats rice and seaweed soup, his mother tells him how much he misses his fragrance in the house. Asking him, what he did for his birthday, he lied to her, saying he spent the day at a club with his friends.

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Bu Jeong, goes back home with the cake after dropping her father home. Arriving at home, she sees A-Ram’s interview and gets angry, and ends up sleeping in the kitchen. Although Jung Soo tries to get her to bed and fix her mood, she ignores him, wallowing in her sadness. Looking back at the handkerchief incident, she decides to text Kang Jae. Thanking him, she tells him that it’s okay if he doesn’t text back. But she’s leaving a new handkerchief in his post box. Which he gladly accepts. Getting back to work, she gets in trouble as the room owner has lost her bag and blaming it on her. As she fixes the situation, she finds a bag with the name of A-ram’s fiance on it and clicks a picture. And leaves for the wedding she is supposed to attend with her family.

K-drama "Lost" Episode 5

Lee Bu Jeong at her house.

“Lost” Episode 5 Release Date

“Lost” Episode 5 will be releasing on September 18, 2021. And this time, we can expect a sensible conversation between Kang Jae and Bu Jeong. With another job, Kang Jar is accompanied by Ddak Yi, and Min Jung to attend a wedding at the same building where Bu Jeong is attending a wedding. Arriving at the building, as she spots Kang Jae, we see her chasing after him as the previous episode ends.

In the episode 5 preview, we see both of them taking time out and talking. With her telling Kang Jae that he can grow old alone, but it is hard to spend the youth alone. She suggests him to find a partner. On the other side, her husband confesses that he has feelings for Kyung Eun, who is taking care of her husband in her ICU. Kang Jae finally tries stepping out of his bubble and help Bu Jeong’s father in the rain. Bu Jeong decides to tell A-Ram that her husband is cheating on her.

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