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Loren Gray’s Songs With The Most Views & Biggest Hits

Who Is The Singer Of Queen?
Loren Gray

If there is one person’s name that is absolutely synonymous with the popular social media platform TikTok, it is Loren Gray. This 19-year-old singer from Pennsylvania is the most followed person on TikTok. Loren Gray is a multi-talented teen. She has harnessed her success from TikTok as a social media personality to establish herself as a pop singer.

At the beginning of her career in music, Gray was signed to Capitol Records and Virgin Records before she decided to pursue her music career as an independent artist earlier this year. 

Who is the highest paid TikToker?

Loren Gray

Gray joined TikTok before it was even referred to with its current nomenclature. Back in 2015, when Loren Gray was in the 6th grade, TikTok was still called Musically, and that is where her life and career began. As she continued getting popular, she moved to Los Angeles and starting growing her other social media handles out too. At present, she has over 50 million followers on TikTok, 21 million followers on Instagram, and 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Loren Gray also has a backup Instagram account with over 4.5 million followers. If we were to put it that way, Loren Gray is truly the quintessential social media queen!

Gray started her musical career in 2017 when she was only 16 years old. It was with her appearance in a music video. In less than a year, she signed with Virgin Records and debuted her first solo single, ‘My Story.’ She has been unstoppable as a musician since. In December 2020, Gray started her own jewellery brand too. It is called ‘&always.’ All of Gray’s earnings come from her music videos, jewellery brand, and numerous endorsement deals on social media. She truly is an inspiration for all kids who dream of a career in the limelight. 

Read on to find out what some of Loren Gray’s most popular songs are!

1. Queen

When it comes to Loren Gray, Queen is undoubtedly her most popular solo project. ‘Queen’ has the most Spotify streams in Loren Gray’s discography. Though there are other songs that were produced after collaborations with other artists, it is Queen that absolutely established Loren Gray as an artist. Queen is a beautiful song that mainly talks about the importance of being in love with oneself. With lyrics such as ’cause I belong to me, it is a song to listen to when you want to feel good about yourself.

2. Kick You Out

It is bo surprise that the singer’s ‘Kick You Out’ sits in the second position on our list. This is a song about the pain that comes in a person’s life following their break-up. This song will definitely resonate with everyone in our generation who knows how heartbreak feels like. With lyrics such as ‘how do you stay there in my mind? doing everything to fill my time, this song is everything that a person needs when they are missing the one they have loved and dedicated themselves to. The song’s YouTube video has raked in over 6 million views in 2 years since its release.

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3. My Story

Loren Gray’s ‘My Story’ also largely follows the themes of her previous songs where she talked about self-reflection and the importance of holding oneself in high regard. In this song, the singer talks about how everyone told her why someone was wrong for her, yet she chose to approach this person. In this song, she sings about how her life is incomplete unless she makes mistakes and writes her own story. This applies to all of us in real life too. It is not always necessary to listen to what people have to say about our lives. Sometimes, it is important to make our own decisions even if they might turn out wrong. The song has strong lyrics like ‘gotta mess up to write my story.

4. Lie Like That

Another great song by Loren Gray with uncannily relatable themes and lyrics that will resonate with everyone. ‘Lie Like That’ is about all the complaints we have from people who we trusted but were betrayed by. It has beautiful lyrics like ‘Baby, let’s be real, I’m the best you ever had
How you gonna lie, lie, lie like that. These are, yet again, lyrics that most people in their late teens and early 20s can almost feel in their lives. There is no proper music video for ‘Lie Like That.’ Regardless, the lyrical video in Gray’s official channel has raked in over 600,000 views.

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5. Options

‘Options’ is one song on our list that has an optimistic theme to it, compared to Loren Gray’s other songs. This song mainly talks about how a person has several options of people to choose amongst, yet they are so much in love with one person that they cannot think about anyone else. Again, when we are young, it is easy to get infatuated with a number of people. Yet, there are always some people who we like better than the others, and they are the ones who ‘drown out the other options.’ The lyrics of the song that emphasise this idea are ‘so I drown them out, you know we got a connection. ‘Options’ also has a lyric video on Gray’s Youtube channel with around 755,000 views at the time of writing this article.

There are several other very popular songs by Laren Gray in collaboration with other artists that we have not included in our list. Some of those songs are ‘Anti-Everything’ and ‘Can’t Do It,’ among others. The first one is in collaboration with the Lost Kings and has over 37 million Spotify streams. The second one is with Saweetie. Stay tuned to this page for more updates about Loren Gray.

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