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Loki Finale Recap And Ending Explained: Enter Kang The Conqueror

Loki finale ending explained
Loki Finale

Loki finale has finally arrived. The culmination of this bonkers Disney+ MCU show is here, and it did more than blow our minds off. We finally got the big villain to reveal, and it was glorious! All the theories about the big bad of Loki season 1 finally paid off. We not only received the first look at Kang but also the path to MCU’s future canon. Loki finale episode gave us all the answers to the pressing questions at the end of the previous episode. Read on to learn more about the Loki finale episode and what its ending entailed.

There’s a lot of stuff that the Loki finale has thrown at the fans. Revealing the identity of the one behind the TVA, and setting up Kang for future Marvel movies, Loki’s finale was a wild ride. While it didn’t have the big action sequences like the previous episode, it was way bigger in its scope. So without any further ado, let’s recapitulate the events in Loki episode 6 and discuss what repercussions they might have upon the future of MCU. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Loki episode 6 recap

Loki at the door of the Citadel at the end of time.

Loki Finale Recap

Loki episode 6, titled “For All Time. Always,” begins with an epic marvel intro that deviates from all previous ones. Instead of the marvel theme, we get a montage of black holes and nebulae and clusters zooming past as voices of several important figures in history, along with the Marvel characters throughout the movies play in the background. A couple of songs and radio recordings can be heard too. I guess the idea was to show the multiple variant timelines and emphasize the epic scale that the series or whatever follows entails.

Sylvie and Loki arrive at the door of the castle. They’re hesitant to enter. Sylvie asks Loki to tell her if he wants to say something before she goes in. He has nothing to say since he’s every bit nervous and hesitant too. Before they could barge in, the door opens. Entering the citadel, Ms. Minutes welcomes the two to the “citadel at the end time.” “Congratulations, you’ve had an awfully long journey to get here, he’s impressed,” says Ms. Minutes. “Who’s impressed,” asks Sylvie. Ms. Minutes replies, “He Who Remains.” Loki then asks her who exactly is this “He”. Ms. Minutes goes on to explain, “He created all and controls all. In the end, it is only He Who Remains.” She then goes on to say that he who remains has an offer for the Lokis.

Loki episode 6 review

Loki and Sylvie inside He Who Remains’ citadel.

Ms. Minutes And Ravonna

She then tells them that he’s been making some creative adjustments and he’s worked out a way to reinsert Loki and Sylvie back into the timeline in a way that won’t disrupt things.” Ms. Minutes then tempts them with an offer to go back to their timelines and be what they want. To Loki, she offers to reinsert him back into his timeline, win against those “self-righteous avengers”. She also lures him with the offer to be able to kill Thanos, win the gauntlet and Asgardian throne. She then tempts Sylvie by offering to end her desperation and loneliness and be together with Loki. However, Sylvie and Loki are not keen on the offer. While Sylvie says it’s all “fiction”, Loki retorts by saying that they write their own destinies now. “Sure you do,” snarks Ms. Minutes, before disappearing into thin air.

Meanwhile, in the TVA, Ravonna is going through some files as Ms. Minutes appears before her. “What took you so long,” asks Ravonna. The sketchy Ms.Minutes replies, “somethings had to get worked out ” she then hands Ravonna some files. Ravonna says it’s not what she asked for. However, Ms. Minutes says she knows but “He” thinks that’ll be more useful. A confused Ravonna asks who this “he” is that Ms. Minutes is referring to. Ms. Minutes doesn’t answer her and disappears away. We now know that she is referring to the He Who Remains.

Loki final episode post Credits Scene

Ravonna and Ms. Minutes.

Loki Finale Recap: He Who Remains Revealed

Sylvie and Loki venture further inside the dark and dusty citadel. Loki notices all the dust and wonders if this “He Who Remains” is even alive. That’s when the sounds of an elevator arriving on the floor Pierce through the silence. Loki and Sylvie become alert, and as the elevator doors open up, we get the reveal that we’ve all been waiting for. The elevator doors open up to the grand reveal of Loki finale — the identity of “He Who Remains.” And it is none other than the Time-Lord Nathaniel Richardson, aka Kang the Conqueror. Jonathan Majors makes his entry to the MCU as this quirky, eccentric, jovial, apple-eating time-conqueror. Kang expresses his surprise at the sight of Loki and Sylvie and then invites them to his office. Rather puzzled and cautious, Loki and Sylvie follow him.

While in the elevator, Kang voices what Loki and Sylvie are thinking. He asks if they think he’s a disappointment. “No, just a little bit easier to kill,” Sylvie responds before going in for the kill. However, Kang uses his TemPad to evade her attacks. The elevator stops in his office, and the doors open to a welcoming Kang. He tells them to sit down, which they do. Meanwhile, back in the TVA, Mobius goes to Ravonna. She asks him if he’s come back to prune her. Seeing his disappointment, she says she couldn’t let him get in the way of the mission. “What mission,” asks Mobius, saying that the Timekeepers are fake and they’re all variants.

Who plays Kang the Conqueror

Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror in Loki finale ending.

Mobius Confronts Ravonna

Ravonna says that someone did create the TVA, and it must have been for something. She then calls for Hunter U-92 to come and take care of Mobius. However, as it turns out, Mobius has taken care of that already. He has freed Hunter B-52, and she has gone off to the school where Rennslayer used to teach. However, it’s not the timeline where Ravonna of the TVA came from. As the other TVA agents chase down Hunter B-52 to the school, Hunter U-92 catches up to her. Before he could arrest her, a variant of Renslayer enters the scene. Hunter U-92 is shocked and asks how this is possible. Hunter B-52 tells him that there’s a lot to catch up with. Mobius has an argument with Ravonna, who asks him what if the TVA’s lie is a necessary one.

Ravonna sticks to her notion of staying with TVA because she believes that there must have been a good reason for its creation. She then conjures a portal to head somewhere. Mobius tries to stop her, saying maybe they can work together to fix it all. However, Ravonna is on her own path. Mobius tries to stop her using physical force but he’s no match. Ravonna puts him down, and he expects to get pruned again. But Ravonna doesn’t prune him. She then heads to the portal. Mobius asks her where she will go to. “In search of free will,” replies Ravonna before entering the portal. So, where might she be heading to? Likely, her destination is somewhere Kang himself told her to go to. After all, he was the one who sent her the files that he thinks will be “useful”.

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Enter Kang The Conqueror

Loki finale episode 6 finally gave us the first look at Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror. We get introduced to the time-conqueror and reality-hopping big bad. Kang goes on to explain his backstory to Loki and Sylvie. Kang tells them that it all started with one of his variants. The story began eons ago, he explains. His variant, Nathaniel Richardson was a 31st-century scientist on Earth. He discovered that there were universes stacked on top of his own. Meanwhile, all of his other variants in other universes were discovering the same thing at the same time. After learning of all other versions of their own selves, they all used to meet each other. There was peace and harmony for a while. Infinite versions of Nathaniel shared amongst each other, knowledge they aggregated in their respective universes.

However, He Who Remains explains, not every version of himself was keen on harmonious knowledge sharing things. These versions/variants became hell-bent on conquering new worlds and universes. And so began an all-out multiversal war. Each variant of Nathaniel Richardson started fighting another variant to keep their universe safe. He Who Remains then goes on to reveal that the first variant encountered a creature. This creature was borne out of all the tears in reality. It was capable of consuming time and space itself. And as he points out, Loki and Sylvie had encountered this creature before, called Alioth. He then tells how he weaponized Alioth by harnessing his power and ended the multiversal war. He then isolated his timeline — The Sacred Timeline. All he had to do after that was manage the proper flow of time. This resulted in the formation of TVA, the Timekeepers, and the resulting “cosmic harmony”.

Loki season 1 ending

Loki and Sylvie face off against each other.

Loki Finale Ending Explained

The Loki finale ending gives us a tease of the insanity that is awaiting us in Marvel’s phase 4. He Who Remains pulls the covers off the truth behind the TVA. However, the formatting of TVA wasn’t the intriguing part of the reveal. The biggest reveal that the ending of Loki’s finale gave us was Kang the Conqueror. The mad man has finally arrived, and after Sylvie impales He Who Remains, Kang is coming. The Loki finale ending sees He Who Remains telling Loki and Sylvie his story. He tells them how he brought peace and ended the multiversal war. If Loki and Sylvie kill He Who Remains, it will expose the sacred timeline. He Who Remains tells the two that this wouldn’t happen if they don’t kill him. Instead, they can take command of the TVA themselves and run it. Sylvie and Loki don’t buy it.

At first, he tells them that it could be a lie, but that’s the gambit they have to play. However, later on, he tells them it’s not a lie, he’s candid about everything. We also learn that the void had crossed the “threshold”. This means that He Who Remains couldn’t see anything in the future past that time. The timeline starts branching with cosmic rumbles. Sylvie, who doesn’t buy anything he has said, jumps to kill him. Loki stops her and asks her to think it over. He tries to convince her of the possibility of He Who Remains’ story being true. However, Sylvie is doesn’t put her trust in Loki, initially thinking he’s telling her to reconsider just so he can grab the throne. The Loki finale ending sees Sylvie killing He Who Remains and unraveling a new multiversal war.

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Loki Episode 6 Post Credits Scene

Loki’s finale ends with Sylvie throwing Loki through a portal to the TVA, before killing He Who Remains. However, as we soon discover, this TVA is not the one he has been frequenting all through the season. He encounters Mobius and Hunter B-52 talking about the branching of timelines. Loki bursts into an explanation of what he just witnessed and unleashed upon the multiverse. However, it turns out, this Mobius and Hunter- B-52 don’t recognize him. Realizing what’s going on, Loki looks at one of the statues in the building. The statue is of none other than a variant of Nathaniel Richardson himself. The ending of Loki finale points towards a multiversal onslaught of Kang variants.

The Loki finale ending also entails a post-credits scene. Although it’s a very short one, it tells us that this is not the end of Loki. Loki episode 6 post-credits scene shows a TVA agent stamping a document. The stamp reads, “Loki will return in season 2.” The God of Mischief will embark on another journey amidst the new multiversal war that has been unleashed. Mobius and Sylvie will also return. The next season of Loki can be expected to drop sometimes after Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. The events of that film will largely have to do with the tears in the multiverse due to nexus events. As to what will Loki season 2 entail, it’s obvious that Loki will be facing off and trying to contain the infinite variants of Kang the Conqueror and their multiversal havoc perturbing the sacred timeline.

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