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What To Expect From Loki Episode 5?

What To Expect From Loki Episode 5?
From Loki Episode 4 Featuring The Various Loki Variants

Loki Episode 5 will be the revelation point for the mind-blowing episode we had recently. We finally got where Sylvie came from and the reason she is running from apocalypse to apocalypse. Then we had Loki trying to break it to Mobius, the reality of TVA, which Loki doubted from the first day and how Sylvie’s powers prove that the place is a sham. To some extent, Mobius did trust Loki and decided to test the theory. If it wasn’t enough, there is someone else who got the reality of TVA, as in Hunter B-15. Lastly, Loki meets the Time Keepers, who were nothing but mere robots.

For most of the part of the last episode, we were on the edge of our seats. TVA was on the brink of being exposed. It was just a matter of moment as Mobius was working towards it. Once he found it, it didn’t go that well for our jet-ski dreaming sweetheart. Lastly, Time Keepers may have been proven a sham, but the big question is, who is running the place then. Plus, they are the ones messing with Timeline, if not the variants. Lastly, where did Loki go after getting pruned? Let’s break down everything that happened previously on the show, and then we will see what we can expect from Loki Episode 5.

Recap For Loki Episode 4

Previously On Loki, we opened up with Sylvie’s childhood where the TVA Officers first abducted her. One of the officers is a young Ravonna who took her and destroyed her reality. But Sylvie managed to escape with the Tempad and has been running from TVA through apocalypses. Sylvie managed to escape. Back in the present, Ravonna finishes up chatting to Time Keepers, and TVA finally manages to locate Loki and Sylvie through their Temporal Aura. Both are brought to the TVA HQ. Loki is put into a kind of time loop prison, reliving the day he cut Lady Sif’s hair.

What Went Down Previously on The Show and what to expect from Loki Episode 5?

From Loki Episode 4 Featuring Loki, Mobius, and The TVA Guards

Before going inside Time Loop, Loki tells Mobius TVA is lying to him. Mobius, who already doubted Hunter C-20’s death, decides to chatter with Ravonna, asking her to meet Sylvie, but she is avoiding it for some reason. On the other hand, Hunter B-15 also doubts the TVA. As Mobius interrogates Loki, he realizes he is in love with Sylvie. Mobius gives away she is alive, and for that, Loki tells Mobius the reality of TVA and how fake it is and stealing everyone’s lives for its own sake.

The conversation does shed some light on Mobius, who approaches Ravonna again. Meanwhile, Hunter B-15, who previously witnessed Slyvie’s power, asks her to show her previous life again. Thus confirming TVA’s lies and similarly, Mobius finds out after stealing Ravonna’s Tempad.  He sees Hunter C-20’s interrogation video, and it makes it obvious they all are variants. As he rescues Loki, Mobius is pruned for that by Ravonna.

How Did Loki Episode 4 Ended?

From Loki Episode 4 Featuring Sylvie and Loki

Ravonna captures Loki and Sylvie. She takes them to meet the Time Keepers so that they can believe TVA’s reality. Hunter B-15 makes the rescue and a battle seek out. Sylvie attacks the Time Keepers to realize they are just mere robots. Thus establishing TVA is fake. The episode ends with Ravonna pruning Loki and Sylvie, capturing her. The post-credit scene sees Loki an alternate world of Loki variants.

Loki Episode 5 Release Date and Predictions

Loki Episode 5 is releasing on 7 July 2021 and will be available to stream only on Disney+. Much like the previous episodes, the fifth episode of Loki will also arrive at 12 a.m. PDT. According to which the release time in different countries may vary. Expect a new episode following the fifth every Wednesday until the show wraps up. Up till now, no promo, synopsis, or details have been revealed about Loki Episode 5. Until then, let’s talk about how could the fifth episode go down and also check out the mid-season sneak peek of Loki below.

What May Happen In Loki Episode 5?

From Loki Episode 4 Featuring Loki

Loki Episode 5 probably will take us into the aftermath of Pruning. The weapons that TVA use to erase a variant. But instead of erasing from the complete existence, it seems like there is an alternate world beyond Pruning. The same we saw in Loki’s post-credit scene where all the variants exist. This suggests Mobius or any of the variants TVA hunted down yet are alive in some kind of hell of TVA.

Now questions are for Sylvie, will she find out that Loki is still out there and save him? Or is she going all out on her own? Will Loki escape the TVA’s hell and the biggest question ever. Who actually runs the TVA? If it’s not the Time Keepers, who are nothing but robots? All in Loki Episode 5.

Check out the mid-season sneak peek of Loki:

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