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Preview & Recap: Loki Episode 3

What To Expect From Loki Episode 3?
From Loki Episode 3 Featuring Loki

Are we finally meeting the Time Keepers now? At least that’s what we expect from Loki Episode 3 after watching the second episode. The second episode ended with finally revealing our evil variant, who turns out to be female Loki. From comics, we could say it’s Sylvie Lushton. But a name drop is yet to come from MCU who likes to meddle with a little creativity. Anyway, moving on the entire episode was all about Loki fitting into TVA and having an investigation of his own. He doesn’t believe this TVA thing and its theory but has to until someone with similar questions arrives in front of him.

Loki Episode 2 saw the god of mischief putting his detective skills to use to hunt down himself in a way. We mean the evil variant. Although with different motives, he somehow decides to help TVA until he comes across the female Loki. He tries to understand her and asks her to join hands but her plans are different, where Loki might agree they are quite similar. So what went down, lets break down everything that happened previously on the show, then we will move on to see what we can expect from Loki Episode 3.

Recap For Loki Episode 2

Loki Episode 2 took us to Wisconsin in 1985, where we see a familiar face in the form of Agatha Harkness. But TVA isn’t here for her, they are hunting the evil variant of Loki, who easily takes them down. The scenario alerts TVA as Mobius informs Loki, who is learning their ways. Yes, Loki has found a place there. He is learning everything about it and how it works. For himself or to help is something we will see. Loki joins Mobius and TVA on a journey to Wisconsin to see what this evil variant is up to.

What Went Down In Loki Episode 2?

From Loki Episode 2 Featuring Loki and TVA Officers

Well, Loki does show some smartness from his experience, but like we said last time, Mobius is smarter too. So his trick trying to manipulate doesn’t work, which establishes he can’t be trusted. Ravonna and most of TVA want Loki out, but Mobius still has some confidence in him as he has a thing for broken kids. Ravonna gives another fair chance to Mobius. This leads Mobius to order Loki to start learning more.

Instead of learning about this evil variant, Loki tries to sneak into the origins of Time Keepers and the Beginning of time. When he acknowledges they are classified, he moves on to his history. Finally, he cracks a loophole for TVA where they don’t see. The Apocalyptic events never break the sacred timeline as they are meant to happen. Loki finds out this is where the evil variant is.

What Happened In The End Of Loki Episode 2?

From Loki Episode 2 Featuring Mobius and Loki

Loki proves the same to Mobius, who also comes with a theory with chocolate leading them to Alabama. Amidst this, questions about Time Keepers and TVA are raised again by Loki. Anyway, Ravonna lets Mobius, Loki, and TVA visit Alabama 2050, where an apocalyptic storm is about to hit. Loki finally comes across his evil female Loki. Plus her plans are not to control TVA but destroy Sacred Timeline and probably meet the Time Keepers. A question Loki has been asking throughout the episode. This leads him to follow her, leaving Mobius and TVA behind.

Loki Episode 3 Release Date and Spoilers

Loki Episode 2 is releasing on the 23rd of June 2021 and will be available to stream only on Disney+. Much like the previous episodes, the third will also arrive at 12 a.m. PDT, according to which release in different countries may differ. Expect a new episode every Wednesday following the third until the show wraps up. As of now, no promo, synopsis, or details have been revealed about Loki Episode 3. Until then, check out our predictions for the third episode, along with the show’s official trailer below.

From the looks of Loki Episode 2, in the third episode of Loki, we realize the psychology of the female Loki is quite similar to our 2012 version of Loki. Even though she dubs to be the superior version and hates being called by that name. Even she wants to meet the Time Keepers. The ones who actually created every single being in a universe. Although we haven’t seen them throughout the first two episodes, this has made us, and even Loki, question their existence. Plus, the theory that no one is of their free will. Everything is meant to happen. Plus, Loki did what he does by leaving Mobius behind.

What Should We Expect From Loki Episode 3?

From Loki Episode 3 Featuring Female Loki

Loki Episode 3 may this time see our 2012 version of Loki spending time with this female variant. Knowing her goals, which are quite different from his, as seen in the last episode. But one common thing is they want to meet the originator. Are we finally meeting the Time Keepers? Plus, with two Lokis together, the bar is high for TVA. How will they cope, especially with Mobius losing the one person he relied on. Is TVA ready to keep him in the teams as well? All in Loki Episode 3.

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