Loki Episode 2 Ending Explained: The Evil Loki Revealed

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What Does Loki Episode 2's Ending Means?
From Loki Episode 2 Featuring the Evil Loki Variant

Well, we did find out why the 2012’s Loki, who has nothing to do with the ongoing timeline of Marvel, is so important in the previous episode. But the mystery just went deeper as Loki decided to join hands with TVA to find this evil variant of his. But we can never believe the trickster right. There are a lot of trust issues and questions on whether Loki just got emotional watching the future. Then he decided to help, or does he have different motives after watching the strength Time Keepers and TVA hold. At least that’s what we saw him do in the second episode as we eventually meet the evil variant in Loki Episode 2 Ending.

The second episode of Loki saw so many light-hearted as well dark moments. Loki learning the ways of TVA to fit into the dynamic. Then proving his worth and why he matters to hunt down the evil variant. After all, till now, all we saw is TVA tasting the dust in front of this more sinister version of the titular character. So anyway,  here we are breaking down the ending of Loki Episode 2 as we answer a number of questions raised. From Loki’s detective skills to hunt himself down to the reality behind Time Keepers and TVA. Let’s begin.

What Went Down In Loki Episode 2?

Loki Episode 2 opened up in 1985 Wisconsin as TVA officers were hunting for evil Loki. We meet our first cameo in the form of Agatha Harkness from WandaVision, who tries to question their costume. The TVA hunters trying to catch evil Loki walk straight into his trap. The evil one fights them down and abducts one. We move into see Loki studying the Nexus and the way TVA works which makes him question the place more. Mobius calls in to take him to the first mission. There are still trust issues to take note of as TVA Officer shows different variants of Loki.

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What Went Down In Loki Episode 2?
From Loki Episode 2 Featuring Loki and Mobius

Mobius gives a fair chance to Loki on the field, but he only uses it to himself. Thus, establishing he can’t be trusted. Mobius pleads to Ravonna for one more chance, and he receives. Amidst this, more secrets about the existence of the Time Keepers and the TVA bulge in. Loki has another chance, and he cracks a way to find the evil Loki as he believes he is hiding in apocalypses. It’s a theory, but Loki proves it and finds a loophole in the TVA. In turn, he asks questions about TVA’s existence only to be called off.

So taking the theory in question, Mobius has his own relating to chocolate. They cross-reference every apocalyptic event taking us to Alabama, 2050. Despite doubting Loki’s theory, who recently blew a mission, Ravonna approves as Mobius, Loki, and TVA land in 2050 Alabama, which is about to be destroyed by a storm.  The team splits apart and, for the first time, with Loki and Mobius not together on the orders of Hunter B-15. Eventually, the evil Loki comes in front of our 2012 Loki and reveals himself to be a she. A female Loki who has completely different plans

Loki Episode 2 Ending Explained

How Did Loki Crack The Location of Evil Loki?

So Loki originally never intended to crack the location. Instead, he wanted to know about Time Keepers and the origins of the TVA. He tried to retrieve the files only to realize they are classified. The only file he can take a look at is of himself. This leads him to read more about his history. But the Ragnarok from 2017 is something that catches his eye. He gets emotional but at the same time realizes how apocalypse could be key.

Loki takes his theory to Mobius to explain through his salad. He explains the evil Loki might be hiding where TVA doesn’t have eyes. Meaning an event that is meant to happen and can’t be undone or changed. Especially because if it changes, it means disrupting the timeline, which notifies the TVA. This means the evil Loki is hiding in an apocalyptic event. For example, if Loki travels to 2017’s Ragnarok to change a few things but that doesn’t mean he can’t avoid Surtur from destroying Asgard right.

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What Does Loki's Theory Mean in Loki Episode 2?
From Loki Episode 2 Featuring Loki and Mobius

Initially thought to be just theory, Loki takes Mobius to Pompeii, Italy, in 79AD, where a Volcano is on its way to erupt to destroy the place. Loki announces the same to the people who don’t believe him. But when the volcano really erupts, they start running. But let’s keep this in mind, they cant be saved anyway. This doesn’t notify TVA either because even though Loki announced it, he still didn’t break the sacred timeline, which may change a major event. The volcano will still destroy the place no matter what changes Loki does. That’s the first loophole Loki found in TVA.

The second hole was to find exactly which apocalyptic event is our Evil Loki hiding. This reminds Mobius about the chocolate he gave to young Loki. He tries to figure out the time the chocolate came on earth and an apocalyptic event around it. Boom searching through files lead them to Alabama 2050.

The Mystery Behind Time Keepers And TVA are questioned more.

While Loki proves his theory, he gets to ask Mobius more about the Time Keepers. Something he still doesn’t believe. Even questions us too as we have seen their mention from time to time. But we don’t have a single glimpse of them apart from a Flintstone-styled animated intro. When Loki questions Mobius’s origins, he answers by questioning his own. Loki comes to the point that everything in the world is written. From past, present, and future. Nothing is of free will. But he questions TVA’s free will and where this everything ends. To this, Mobius states that Time Keepers are still working on it and when it over. So is TVA, the world, and everything. Still mysterious, though.

The Mystery Of TVA and Time Keepers Continue
From Loki Episode 2 Featuring The Statue Of Time Keepers

The Evil Loki Revealed

The final moments of the episode do see the evil Loki coming in front of our 2012 Loki. So, as the evil Loki travels from body to body, 2012 Loki tries to talk him down. Then his motives and even ask him for joining hands. But the thing is that it doesn’t interest the Evil Loki, and he has different motives. He clearly states ruling the TVA or timelines doesn’t interest him at all. Then one of the TVA officers reveals she gave it away from the location of the Timekeepers.

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So Who Is The Evil Loki Afterall?
From Loki Episode 2 Featuring The Evil Female Loki

The Evil Loki attacks 2012 Loki, and he soon realizes that evil Loki wants to bomb the sacred timeline. Then leaving another human’s body outcomes in front, the female Loki. A version is familiar to comic book fans with the name Sylvie Lushton. But the show is yet to reveal it. What’s the next stop, the timekeepers? This something our 2012 Loki wants to as he follows the evil Loki.

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