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Loki Episode 1 Ending Explained: The Time Variance Authority, Sacred Timeline And Evil Loki

Loki Episode 1 Ending Explained
From Loki Episode 1 Featuring Loki and Mobius

So after taking a break from its first of the two series landing on the Disney+ platform, Marvel is working again. Loki dropped in yesterday which once again transitions itself from the classic superhero action movies. There are questions and questions been flooded here and there. Yes, we may say Marvel is trying to cover all the genres it can. First WandaVision came with the mysterious aura and then The Falcon And The Winter Soldier brought the classic high-octane superhero action again. Now much like WandaVision, Loki brings in a similar aura breaking down the timeline phenomenon. A mess made thanks to the Avengers trying to save their timeline in Endgame. Where does this timeline lead is something Loki tends to answer? So with the first episode in, here we are with us taking a look at the show and bringing our Loki Episode 1 Ending Explained.

The first episode was a hell of a ride for sure. The storyline of Loki from another reality initially felt unnecessary for the original universe of Marvel. But the first episode proved the importance it had. Hulk was right about the consequences one can face by disrupting time. The 2012 Loki faced the wrath of it using the Tesseract. But why not the Avengers? Exactly those are questions Loki as a series answers. So here it is, everything went down in the first episode of Loki. From Time Variance Authority, The Time Keepers, What do you mean by Variants? What is the sacred timeline? Let’s break these questions down piece by piece.

What Went Down In Loki Episode 1?

Loki as promised began in 2012, the time when the Avengers from Endgame traveled back to retrieve Tesseract in the hope to save their world from Thanos. Amidst the mission, the Loki from that timeline escaped using the Tesseract to find himself in Mongolia. Plus, surrounded by an organization called Time Variance Authority. They take him to TVA headquarters dubbing him as a Variant. Loki sees an alternate version of himself. Soon after dressing up as a prisoner, he sees the 80s-90s animated-style introduction clip for the origin of Time-Keepers and TVA. While Loki gets comfortable there. Another officer of TVA, Mobius is investigating a case in 1549 himself talking to a younger version of Loki. Until he receives information about Loki’s capturing.

What Went Down In Loki Episode 1?

From Loki Episode 1 Featuring Loki

At the TVA court, Loki argues about him asked for being guilty of going against the Sacred Timeline. He tries to use his magic powers to escape only to fail. Thanks to the technology wrapped around his neck. Mobius is on time to rescue him and talk to him. Mobius takes his time to understand exactly what Loki wants and even gives him a glimpse of all his failures in past. A glimpse into the future when his mothers die. Plus what TVA is all about. This goes on until a TVA Officer interrupts Mobius which results in Loki escaping by stealing the remote to the technology around his neck.

Wandering around TVA makes Loki realizes how strong the place is. Even Infinity Stones are not much of use here. Once officers find him, Loki escapes back to the place where Mobius interrogated him. Loki looks into the future to see his father die, his brother loving him and him dying at the hands of Thanos. This makes him emotional to surrender. Mobius finally asks for what he wanted. A variant they are hunting much like Loki.

Loki Episode 1 Ending Explained

The Time Variance Authority Explained, What Do You Mean By Variant?

Before the intro for Loki Episode 1 hit in or Loki went to answer the court. A video with the Flintstones animation explained the origins of TVA and how it came to force. The exact reason why a variant may find himself answering to TVA’s court. It tells a story from way back when a multi-versal war break-in for supremacy. In turn, destroying the universe. To make sure this doesn’t happen, the Time Keepers made their presence felt to maintain a constant flow of time called the Sacred Timeline.

The TVA and Time Keepers Explained For Loki Episode 1 Explained

From Loki Episode 1 Featuring The Time Keepers

Everything should happen how it’s meant to happen. But, when one of the individuals does some mischief and tries to break the loop. That’s where the Time Variance Authority comes into play. They try to catch him and reset the timeline and put him where he belongs. Thus, maintaining the proper flow of the Sacred timeline. Since the time TVA captures this 2012 version of Loki in Mongolia, they refer to him as “Variant L1130.” This is to differentiate him from the 2017 version of Loki whom we saw dying in Avengers: Infinity War at the hands of Thanos. The TVA calls every individual visiting the HQ as a variant with a number to differentiate them.

Why Time Variance Authority Hunted Loki?

So coming back to the question of why TVA is hunting Loki? Well, these are two of the variants we mentioned above. One from the original timeline who died and the other from the 2012 and centerpiece of the series. There was another one in the episode. The TVA officer melts him down when he doesn’t take a ticket to the court. Also the kid Loki Mobius met initially in the episode. Meaning there are more innumerable variants of Loki and other characters in the multiverse. So we will see more of them in coming episodes. Finally, we also come to know the reason TVA is hunting Lokis.

The Evil Loki Threatening TVA

From Loki Episode 1 Featuring The Evil Loki

At the end of Loki Episode 1, we see an individual in the dark hunting the TVA Officers down. Burning them to the ground. This individual in the dark has a similar shadow as Loki. Plus, a TVA Officer also mentioned they have already been attacked six times. Mobius reveals to Loki about this evil variant of him causing trouble to TVA. So to hunt this variant down, TVA and Mobius took the 2012 version of Loki in with the reason that he violated the Sacred Timeline. Because after all only The God Of Mischief knows himself the best and what he is about to do next.

Why Were The Avengers Not Taken In For Playing With Timeline?

Why Didn't TVA Confront Avengers?

From Loki Episode 1 Featuring The 2012 Avengers

Well, Loki was taken in for messing with Timeline kind of left fans confused. Because the 2012 Loki had just transported himself through Tessaract? Well, part of the reason is explained above. But the other question is Why not the Avengers? They did a lot of time surfing to save the reality of their world. Even if it means putting things back in time to avoid breaking of timelines. So when Loki raised the same question in the court of TVA. The judge answered by stating it was supposed to happen and not Loki’s travel. The Time-Keepers decide what’s supposed to happen and what doesn’t in a particular timeline. How does this work? Well, we need to dive more into TVA in coming episodes probably. So that’s it for our take on Loki Episode 1 Ending.

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