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Netflix’s Locke and Key Season 2 Production Completed

Netflix's Locke and Key Season 2 Production Completed
The Locke Siblings - credit Netflix

Locke & Key is a supernatural horror drama TV series based on the IDW comic book series of the same name by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Locke and Key follow the life of the Locke family. After Rendell Locke gets murdered at the hands of his former student Sam Lesser, his wife Nina Locke takes her three children and moves back to the Rendell family home, Keyhouse in Massachusetts. There the children find a series of mysterious keys capable of opening various doors.

As they become much aware of what the keys do, the kids realize that they aren’t the only ones looking for the keys. Now that it has been about a year since Season 1 aired, fans have been waiting for any news regarding Season 2. And now, we finally have some news as Locke and Key Season 2 has finally completed its production.

Locke and Key Season 2 Production Completed

There’s great news for all Locke and Key fans as we may have Locke and Key Season 2 this year itself. Netflix has officially concluded the production for the second season of Locke and Key. This was in a way announced by Nina Locke actress Darby Stanchfield on her Instagram. She posted a couple of pictures with Kinsey Locke actress Emilia Jones along with the third picture of Bode Locke actor Jackson Robert Scott. Darby and Emilia seemed to be overjoyed with the completion of the filming while we see a dozing Jackson on a chair.

In the caption of her post, Darby Stanchfield praised the crew members of Locke and Key. She praised how expertly they maintained safety guidelines allowing the smooth sailing of the filming without a single shut down all season. The filming for the same was to initially begin on 17th August 2020 and end on 5tg February 2021. But due to COVID pandemic restrictions, this got delayed by a month for the production to begin on 21st September 2020 and end on 5th March 2021. Considering that Darby Stanchfield’s post was put up on 16th April, it is safe to assume that production got extended but was never stopped during the process.

Netflix's Locke and Key Season 2 Production Completed

Kinsey Locke

So, Darby calling the production crew the real rockstars is justified enough. She claimed as to how they would wear PPE kits keeping a constant check on them to see if everyone was keeping safe. Just like everyone, Darby too faced the psychological consequences of staying put during the pandemic but is glad she had such an efficient team around her, leading with such great work for the production.

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Locke and Key Season 2 Release Date

Locke and Key Season 2 is set to be released in late 2021 or early 2022. Now that the Locke and Key Season 2 filming has been completed, it is easier to predict a release date for the same. The filming for the first season took place between February 2019 and July 2019. But, the series only arrived after 7 months from the end of filming on 7th February 2021. Considering that the filming for Locke and Key Season 2 has finished now, and the post-production takes a similar time period to that of Season 1, we can expect Locke and Key Season 2 to arrive as early as November 2021. If there are any obstructions during this, the release date may extend to somewhere in early 2022. You can watch Locke and Key Season 2 when it releases on Netflix.

Possible Plot for Locke and Key Season 2

All the Locke and Key fans know that when Season 1 ended, it was directly setting up for the second season. The final shot of season 1 zooms out to the seaside town, which had engulfed with dark skies and lightning in the distance. Any TV show watcher would instantly know that this was a sign for a forthcoming plot for the future.

Tyler and Kinsey Locke

At the end of Season 1, the Omega key is safe, but then again, the crown has been missing. The season ends with Locke’s siblings becoming the keeper of all keys. And while they do so, they had entered the misy dangerous door yet. One other thing to keep a note of is that Dodge didn’t die in the final climactic battle. In fact, she is still lurking around as the evil element in the show. As for the rest of the plot, it is only logical that Netflix go ahead adapting the story from the comic books. But it was said that the showrunners might change the storyline to fit into a TV Show perspective that may cause some changes to the show. Possibly, the showrunners might give us a brief history of the origins of the keys as well.

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