Jae Hee Plans To Steal Everything Her Mother-In-Law Has In ‘Artificial City’ Episode 5

Artificial City I Otakukart
Artificial City I Otakukart

Every South Korean drama has a unique component to its story. Similarly the ‘Artificial City’ has become one of the most interesting mystery thriller dramas of 2021. Even though the story revolves around the power struggle between Jae Hee and Han Suk, the supporting character plays a major role. In ‘Artificial City’ Episode 5, Lee Seol will start making a move on Joon Hyuk. Being a loyal husband, he tries to avoid getting involved with her but after a point he cannot deny the attraction between them.

The character of Yoon Jae Hee is very well written and the actress Park Soo Ae enacts the role to it’s right standard. She is an ambitious, clever, and devious woman who will go to extreme lengths to achieve her goal. That’s why in her pursuit to make her husband the next President, she does not hesitate in playing any card from her deck.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

The story of ‘Artificial City’ is about an ambitious woman Yoon Jae Hee. She belongs to a normal family but she wish to live a luxurious life. In order to do so, Jae Hee leaves her long time lover and marries Jung Joon Hyuk who is an illegitimate son of the Seungjin family. Now Jae Hee’s only dream is to achieve power by helping her husband become the next president of the Nation. Let’s find out how this journey to achieve power starts.

The episode starts with Jae Hee giving an interview. The reporter asks her, what is her perspective on the role of the first lady? To this she has an interesting answer. According to her a first lady’s duty is to keep her husband faithful towards his purpose. Jae Hee’s relationship with her mother-in-law is not very good. Even then she makes work her priority and arrives late at her father-in-law’s death anniversary.

Jae Hee I Artificial City
Jae Hee I Artificial City

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Joon Hyuk’s Open Spot

There is going to be a live broadcast by the JBC channel and Joon Hyuk is the anchor. For this Joon Hyuk has planned the schedule and left an open slot for himself. No one knows what is he ging to do. When Seo Han Suk finds out about this she emphasis that being an illegitemate son Joon Hyuk should not overstep his bounds.

Finally, everyone arrives at the Sungjin house to pay their respects to the diseased. Both Jae Hee and her husband do not attend the event on time on purpose. Also, just a little earlier Jae Hee visits her aunt-in-law in the hospital and blackmails her into handing over an important piece of evidence that might help her husband. What does this Pendrive contain and is this why Joon Hyuk kept the broadcast slot open?

The Shocking News

Seo Han Suk is sitting with her family and employees and discussing about who should enter the National Assembly. As they are still in between the coversation Jae Hee enters the room and suggests everyone watch a piece of very interesting news. When they switch on the news channel they see Joon Hyuk covering a main story about the corruption at Sungjin Group company. The news revealed that the Chairman Jin hid 4.5 trillion won from the people under false actions.

After the broadcast of the news everyone at Sunjin Group is in a chaotic state. Han Suk is disappointed by what happened still she knows better and asks Jae Hee what does she want in exchange? However, Jae Hee suggests her mother-in-law think slowly and figure out what she could offer. Han Suk is impressed by Jae Hee and all there’s left to do is try and keep her and her husband in control. Will the corruption alligations make Joon Hyuk’s footing stronger or weeker in the Sungjin group?

Artificial City episode 5
Artificial City episode 5

What To Expect In The Upcoming Episode?

Jae Hee has waged a war against her in-laws. Madam Kwon is working with Han Suk behind Jae Hee’s back. Even though all this is irrelevant right now Han Suk’s offers is very interesting. She promises to help with Joon Hyuk’s president candidacy if Jae Hee let’s her decide the director for the corruption investigation. Watch ‘Artificial City’ episode 5 to find out what happens next.

‘Artificial City’ Episode 5 Release Date

The ‘Artificial City’ episode 5 release date is 22nd September 2021. In the upcoming episode we will witness Kim Lee Seol’s growing interest in Joon Hyuk. Also, Madam Kwon is murdered with a blade lased with poison. How will this affect Jae Hee’s life?

Where To Watch ‘Artificial City’ Episode 5?

The ‘Artificial City’ is a South Korean television drama broadcast by jTBC network. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes every Wednesday and Thursday on their televisions. As for international fans, they can watch the ‘Artificial City’ episode 5 on the subscription based website Rakuten Viki.

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