Live-Action Touken Ranbu Film Reveals Cast

Touken Ranbu had already revealed that a live action movie would be coming out soon. Recently the official website for the live action movie adaptation revealed some new details about the movie. The official website announced the cast, and it also revealed a new visual for the movie. The film will open on January 18.

The text in the visual reads, “Mission: Assassinate Oda Nobunaga.” The new cast of the movie was revealed. Here is the cast for the movie—

Kōji Yamamoto as Oda Nobunaga
Norito Yashima as Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Hiroki Suzuki as Mikazuki Munechika
Ryō Kitamura as Yagen Toushirou
Yoshihiro Aramaki as Yamanbagiri Kunihiro
Masanori Wada as Heshikiri Hasebe
Hiroaki Iwanaga (who plays Berserk’s Guts) as Nihongo
Fūma Sadamoto as Honebami Toushirou
Taizō Shiina as Fudou Yukimitsu
Tomoki Hirose as Uguisu Maru

The movie is being directed by Saiji Yakumo (live-action Mars). Yasuko Kobayashi (Attack on Titan, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Kakegurui) is working on the script. TOHO is distributing the film.

Token Ranbu

Even though it may seem that this is the first live-action project of the franchise but, it is actually not. Touken Ranbu Online has two animated shows, a live-action musical and several stage adaptations. However, Touken Ranbu: The movie is set to become the first live action movie in the franchise’s history. So, it is a really big step for the franchise.

Let me enlighten you on what the franchise is about. Tōken Ranbu Online is a sword game that takes famous swords from Japanese history and actually interprets them as bishōnen. The characters are designed by Nitroplus. The game was launched in Japan back in in 2015.

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