Live-Action Film The Way Of The House Husband: Release Date & Cast

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The way of Househusband release date and cast revealed
The way of Househusband release date and cast revealed

Anime streaming sites have been serving their subscribers some of the most classic and famous anime series. Most of them come out to be the greater and most unique adaptions of manga. One such anime includes ‘The Ways of the Househusband’ that has been one of the remarkable anime series present on the platforms. However, things get really exciting when they get adapted into a live-action. Generally, anime lovers don’t prefer a live-action of a series because they tend to be spoiled. Some of the live actions of animes like Bleach, Attack on Titan, Assassination Classroom, and many others got a lot of criticism. But here we are talking about The Ways of Househusband that doesn’t involve supernatural stuff.

The original series is very simple and subtle as it follows the concept of action, comedy, and a slice of life that surely will not disappoint you. The live-action movie The Ways of Househusband was announced in early February 2022. It was updated on the official Twitter account of the series and literally made fans give out a scream of excitement. The film will be out this year and will open in Japan this summer. The creators have already teased the fans with a trailer and a visual teaser. Everything is as fresh as new and everyone is expecting it to have a new touch to it. So, as the time of release is approaching near the release date and the cast of the film has been released, let’s take a look into it.

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About Ways of Househusband

The action, comedy, slice of life-based series Ways of Househusband was initially released as a manga. It was created by Kousuke Oono and was published by Shinchosha Publications. The manga began to serialize in Bunch Comics magazine and got an English version by Viz Media. It is released under the demography of seinen and dropped out on 23rd February 2018 and is still ongoing. Till now it has been collected into 8 tankobon volumes which were later adapted into a live-action drama. The live-action drama was created by FINE Entertainment Studio and was directed by Toichiro Ruto. Its screenplay and music were given by Manabu Uda and Eishi Segawa respectively. An original net animation of the series was created by J.C. Staff Studio.

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The anime became really popular on Netflix which licensed the series for airing. The fact that makes it really interesting is its plot. It follows the life of a very known and dangerous mafia boss Tatsu. He is the infamous and feared boss of the mafia gang named Yakuza. Tatsu was nicknamed ‘The immortal dragon’ due to his bog personality. However, the series turns to funny when he retires from his duty of being a mafia boss to support his wife. Miku – Tatsu’s wife – is a kyariauman and needs to leave the home to work. This leaves Tatsu behind to look out the house that doesn’t match his intimating look and persona. There are many humorous scenes in the series when Tatsu has run-ins with the former Yakuza members and enemies.

The way of Househusband
The way of Househusband

Live-action film The Way Of The Househusband: Release date, Cast

On 7th February 2022, the live-action film The Way of The Househusband was updated with a new trailer. It looked really good and cast the previous cast from the drama. It made many fans think that they are going to remain the same this time too. Not with a lot of change but a few of them were already expected to change. So, before, we can end this month the creator dropped the original cast of the live-action which is as follows. As far as the official announcement concerns regarding the cast only 7 Cast members are out.

The way of Househusband cast revealed
The way of Househusband cast revealed

You will get to see the president of K Planning real estate company Kondo by Kotaro Yoshida. Next, we have Torajiro’s younger sister Koharu by Marika Matsumoto. The head of Karyu nursery, Shiraishi Sensei by Yumi Adachi. Kenta Izuka as Yamamoto ad Tomoko Fujita as Kato, further we got Kunita Watanabe as Kazuma and Yua Shinkawa as Kazumi. As of now, the release date of the live-action film was announced as June 2022 where a particular day is yet to be revealed. The main cast includes Hiroshi Tamaki as Tatsu, Haruna Kawaguchi as Miku and Jun Shison as Masa.

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