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Lisa Talks About Her Culture, Blackpink’s Disbandment, And Idol Life To Rolling Stone

Lisa Rolling Stone

Just in! The sensational Kpop girl group Blackpink became the first-ever Asian girl group to become the front cover of the highly raved-upon Rolling Stones magazine. Like family members who gather after a very long time, this was Blackpink’s first group activity in quite a while, and they could not stop chattering. Each of the Blackpink members gave individual interviews where they gave fans a lot of tea to sip about. From where they stand as individuals, from Blackpink comeback to Blackpink disbanding, the Blackpink members bared it all. The group has become the flag bearer of the Korean Wave that has swept the globe with their songs How You Like That and Boombayah.

Blackpink’s Lisa’s Rolling Stone interview has become the talk of the town because she answered the juiciest question, i.e., whether the four-membered YG Entertainment Kpop girl Blackpink was disbanding. Because of no group activity ever since their last album in 2020 safe for a heartwarming vlive on the group’s anniversary. During the Rolling Stone interview, Lisa dressed lightly but still did not let go of her funky fashion sense. Find out all the tea that was spilled in Blackpink’s Lisa’s Rolling Stone interview.

Blackpink Lisa’s Journey

The story of Blackpink Lisa’s journey to stardom never gets old, no matter how many times we hear it on variety shows and interviews. Lisa Manobal was born as Pranpriya Manobal on the 27th of March, 1997, in Buriram Province of Thailand. How a doe-eyed Pranpriya Manobal with dreams in her eyes became Lisa Manobal, who is the dream itself is one dreamy journey. Additionally, Lisa started dancing at the ripe age of four, when most of us could not even get our ABCs right. Lisa competed in one dance competition after another throughout her childhood days. On one such quest, Lisa became best friends with a crew member named Kunpimook Bhuwakal, who is now popularly known as BamBam of GOT7. Lisa’s real journey to success started when she took part in a YG Entertainment audition. Among the 4000 talented participants, Lisa Manobal came in the first place.

Blackpink leader


A fourteen-year-old Lisa, who did not know anyone in Korea or the language, packed her bags and started training to become a star at YG Entertainment. Lisa talked about how the journey, albeit filled with hardships, was something that is priceless. Becoming the first-ever non-ethically Korean YG Entertainment trainee and yet scoring As in every round is something only Lisa Manobal is capable of. In Lisa’s Rolling Stone interview, we get a peek into the person she became after her debut. How she is handling the fame and anxiety that come with success. So keep on reading if you want to know the juicy details that Lisa revealed in her Rolling Stone interview.

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Lisa’s Hate-Love Relationship With Interviews

When Lisa was asked by Rolling Stones if she was bad at anything, the allrounder did not even blink before revealing her answers. Kpop’s dance queen, fire-spitting rapper, and singer revealed that she is bad at doing interviews. She has been expressing herself through various art forms, so expressing herself through sentences is a difficult task. Lisa further talked about whenever she has to express herself through her body; she does it best. However, while giving answers in an interview, she has too many thoughts and does not know what to say. Moreover, Lisa added that her body is on fire whenever she is on stage, but right now, while doing a very chill interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she is sweating terribly. But she does her best because fans keenly look forward to Lisa’s interviews.

Lisa Talks About Being Trilingual

Be it Thai, Korean, or English, Lisa cannot only speak the three languages with ease but also does not break a sweat when switching between three languages while she is rapping on stage. When Lisa moved to South Korea from Thailand at the age of fourteen, she did not know even a single word of Korean. But look at her now! Lisa revealed that she learned to speak Korean fluently while she was training. When asked about her English, Lisa revealed in her Rolling Stone interview that in her middle school, they had to learn all their subjects in English which is when she learned how to speak Korean fluently. Furthermore, Lisa has a Thai accent while speaking English which makes her even cuter.

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Lisa Tells Rolling Stone About Her Childhood Dreams

Although most of us could only dream of being where Lisa is right now, the singer had a very different childhood dream. Most of us would think that Lisa wanted to be a dancer because she has been competing in dance competitions ever since a young age. But in Lisa’s Rolling Stone interview that she wanted to become an air hostess. Once during a flight trip, Lisa saw a pretty air hostess who asked her if she wanted milk in English, and that is when little Lisa decided that she was going to become an air hostess once she grew up. As soon as they got off the flight, Lisa begged her mother to buy an air hostess uniform. Here comes the tea! Lisa’s long legs are something everyone raves about. However, these long legs were not long enough to make her an air hostess.

Lisa’s Mom Is Her OG Fan

In her Rolling Stone interview, Lisa talked about her mother being her guide throughout her career. After she was not able to meet the height requirements for an air hostess, Lisa’s mother encouraged her to pursue dancing. Ever since the age of four, she has trained and participated in various competitions. And just like most dads, Lisa’s dad’s best reaction to her wins was, ‘Wow! Cool!’. However, her mother would be the most cheerful audience even when she performed on stage and at home when she practiced. Furthermore, Lisa found out that it was her mother’s dream to become an actress. She sent Lisa to both dancing and acting classes. In Lisa’s Rolling Stone interview, she revealed that she hated acting classes. She was just four, and learning lines would make her cry. She laughed and talked about how an older guy in her class used to bully her because she could not learn her lines. She could not even learn properly. How was she supposed to learn her lines?

Lisa rolling stone

Lisa cr: Rolling Stone

Lisa Talks About Her Difficult Trainee To Rolling Stones Magazine

When Rolling Stone asked Lisa if she called her mother every day after coming to Korea as a trainee, Lisa revealed that she missed home a lot. Especially because their debut kept getting pushed back, and she felt very anxious. Surely spending five years in training is not an easy task. Lisa further revealed that when she told her mother that she wanted to come back, her mother would ground her and say that there are thousands of kids who would kill to have what she has. Every time her debut got pushed back, her mother would say just hold on for another year! Perhaps the most heartwarming part of Lisa’s Rolling Stone interview was when she revealed that her mother said even if she left midway and came back back to Thailand, she would only try again. So just stay stronger for a little bit longer!

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Lisa’s Advice For The YG Trainees

Nearly a decade after being a YG Trainee, Lisa is a commercially successful soloist apart from being a Blackpink member. As a YG trainee, Lisa always scored on all her tests. Furthermore, Jennie has been reported to have said that if there was anybody who deserved to debut it was Lisa because of how hard she worked and her raw talent. So if there is a person that is fully certified to give advice to other YG trainees, its Lisa. When asked by Rolling Stone about how the YG trainees greet her, Lisa revealed that they do a proper ninety degrees bow right away. Lisa further revealed that there is a Thai trainee that reminds her of her younger self a lot.

Lisa said that the trainee is seventeen and has been training for two years. Fans cannot wait to see a mini Lisa debut! As she said earlier, Lisa is not very good at expressing herself through words and relies mostly on actions. She takes her shopping, has meals with her, and they just chat. Lisa revealed about the time she asked her if she was facing any difficulties, and the trainee started crying while confessing that no matter how she tried, she just could not dance as well as Lisa. Lisa advised her to keep on practicing.

Lisa Discusses Her Duality With Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone and Lisa discussed how despite being the center of attention whenever she is on the stage, Lisa does not take herself too seriously. Lisa revealed that while performing, there are a lot of aspects to take care of. From costumes to makeup and hair. Despite all of these, Lisa reveals that she likes to experiment. And most of the time, the Lisa touch works like magic

Lisa Wants To Try Acting

The talented Lisa Manobal is often referred to as the ‘Dance Queen Of Kpop’ or ‘Blackpink’s Best Dancer’. When Rolling Stone asked Lisa if she wanted to break away from this image, Lisa’s answer was a straight ‘no’. Lisa said that she wanted to keep doing whatever she did with Blackpink. However, as an individual, Lisa revealed that she wanted to try photography and even acting. It will be fun to see how better she had gotten at acting since the last time when she was just a four-year-old who could not even memorize her lines.

Lisa Tells Rolling Stone What She Wants To Try As An Artist

In Lisa’s Rolling Stone interview, she revealed that although Blackpink has constantly been trying newer things, there is still so much to cover. Lisa accepted that they mostly stick to Hip-Hop, and she sometimes wonders if Hip-Hop is the only thing she is good at. Lisa further talked about she wanted to try traditional Thai music and even Reggae. Singing is not the only thing where Lisa wants to explore new fields. She revealed that she wants to try contemporary dancing. Be it singing or dancing, Lisa wants to try new things.

Blackpink Lisa cr: Rolling Stone

Which Artist She Is Jealous Of

When asked whether there is an artist that she is jealous of, Lisa’s answer was a very obvious ‘none’. She did reveal that she is always amazed by Rosalía. It is not something that she is jealous of, but every time someone sees Rosalía, they always go, ‘wow, she is Spanish’. Her tradition and culture are engraved in her personality, and Lisa wishes to have the same effect as well. Because she is a part of a Kpop girl group and speaks Korean fluently, most of the people just assume that Lisa is from Korea. She wants her music, style, and dance to have an element of where she comes from. Inspired by Rosalía, Lisa added traditional Thai beats to her chart-topping single Lalisa.

Lisa Talks About Performing Solo

In Lisa’s Rolling Stone interview, she revealed how performing on stage solo was very different from when she performed with Blackpink. Being on stage with Blackpink members gives her a sense of confidence. Furthermore, Lisa gave an example of Rose and said that if one member is giving their 100%, then other members feel reassured, and also a friendly competitive spirit arises. However, when she is performing solo, she has to rely solely on herself, which makes her nervous. She tries to get everything to be perfect by practicing endlessly.

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Lisa cr: YG Entertainment

Lisa Talked About Going Back To Thailand After Three Years

In Lisa’s Rolling Stone magazine interview, fans were reminded of how at the end of the day, Lisa, too, is a loving daughter who loves her parents more than anything else. Additionally, Lisa talked about realizing the fact that her parents are getting older. So whenever she gets the time, she does not think twice before rushing back to Thailand.

Fans cannot wait to see what Lisa has in store for us, both as a Blackpink member and as a soloist.

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