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Lisa Stelly Net Worth: How Rich Is She Now?

Lisa Stelly Net Worth
A photo of Lisa Stelly

Lisa Stelly is an African- American model, social media personality, and actress. In this article, I will provide information about Lisa Stelly’s net worth. Stelly stepped into the limelight because of her acting career and marriage to Jack Osborne. To all of you who don’t know who Jack Osborne is, he is the son of a legendary musician, Ozzy Osborne, and his father is the god of metal music. Lisa was born on 4th March 1987 in California. Sources say that the star had a very loving and nurturing childhood.

She was raised by her parents and siblings, which she chooses to hide from the media. Some might say that this is a very shallow move, but it’s better to keep some things private. Being 1.72 meters tall, Lisa decided to work as a model. In no time, she got offers from top magazines and invites to fashion shows. This was a very big thing, but she was hungry for more.

Stepping into the film industry became the benchmark of her acting career. Firstly, she got cast in a short film called Passed Over, where she played the role of Kia Silverman. Secondly, she was selected for short series such as Howard Stern of the Demand Network. Thirdly, as a result of her fantastic acting, she also got cast on CSI Miami in 2008 and 2009. Playing the role of Casaderre Mila Jones, she was signed for a three-episode contract. Lastly, in 2017, she was a part of Green Day’s videos. The famous band released a music video for their songs 21 guns and 21st-Century breakdown.

Lisa Stelly and Jack Osborne: What went wrong?

The duo hit it off after dating for over 17 months. Jack and Lisa tied the knot on 24th April 2012 in Hawaii. They share custody of three daughters. Peral being the eldest, followed by Andy and Minnie. Jack Osborne is one of the biggest celebrities of Hollywood. Being the son of a legendary musician, Jack was born with a silver spoon. He is known to the world for his work in movies and reality tv shows. His popular feature was in The Osborne’s in 2002. The show featured his entire family, and Jack won an Emmy for his outstanding performance. This came as a breakthrough for the star. Osborne’s always put his best in all areas. Now, he holds a major stake in the production of Wreckage of my past: The Ozzy Osborne Story. The story is all about his father, Ozzy.

Let’s move forward. There is no concept of perfect marriage in the world. Every relationship has its dark days. But it is on both of you to solve the problem and move ahead. This is the story of Lisa and Jack’s marriage. After 2012, the couple had the happiest 5 years together. Things went south when a piece of news claiming their divorce was set out. The couple parted ways in March 2019, but the ten-month-long process was kept secret. Even though both of them are leading their personal lives, they have been seen taking and giving their best for their kids together.

Lisa Stelly Net Worth

A photo of Jack Osborne and Lisa Stelly

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Lisa Stelly Net Worth: How rich is the star?

Lisa Stelly’s net worth is $10 million. Even though her movies did not turn out to be on the top-grossing list, Stelly made a promising fortune through her modeling career. Sources claim that she gets paid a sum of $42,180 for her modeling contracts and reality tv castings. Well, as they say, little drops from the ocean, Lisa built her fortune through time.

After breaking up with Jack, Lisa started dating Skylar Astin but sadly split up with him last year. Sources claim that the duo split to their promising careers. Now, Lisa is the COO of an online website called Fancy Sprinklers. This website sells different types of decorating stuff and a large variety of cakes. She enjoys spending time with herself as well as her daughters. Well, that’s what her social media says. Apart from that, she is focused on her business, and we’re looking forward to the next chapter of her life.

Lisa Stelly Net Worth

Lisa Stelly

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