Lin Yi’s Net Worth In 2022: How Much Does ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’ Actor Earn?

Lin Yi's Net Worth
Lin Yi's Net Worth

With the dramas and movies coming soon, fans wonder about Lin Yi’s net worth. After all, the Chinese actor Lin Yi has stolen fans’ hearts with his outstanding acting and breathtaking visuals. His boy-next-door aura makes him more charming and playful, and thus fans can’t help but fall in love with his rom-com dramas. Not to mention his on-screen chemistry with Put Your Head on My Shoulder‘s Xing Fei and Love Scenery‘s Xu Lu had given him the title of the sweetest boyfriend. There is no doubt that Gu Wei Yi and Lu Jing were the best characters Lin Yi ever had played!

The Chinese star Lin Yi was born on 11 January 1999 in Hebei, China. Before his acting profession, Lin Yi was more interested in dancing. He even enrolled at the Beijing Sports University (majoring in Ballroom Dance). While studying, the little star got his first opportunity to explore the entertainment world, and he took it. After receiving professional training, Lin Yi finally made his acting debut. Although it has not been that long, Lin Yi is working on polishing his acting skills and thus exciting fans with his upcoming shows. Therefore, his passion, fans’ love, and superb acting performance lead to millions of dollars in Lin Yi’s net worth!

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His Career Journey – ‘From Dancer To Actor’

As we mentioned, Lin Yi was professionally trained for dancing. After signing a contract with Tangren Media Co. Ltd. in 2015, Lin Yi went abroad for his professional dancing and performance training. Therefore, before his acting debut, the star appeared in various Chinese variety shows such as Handsome Youth Society, Beautiful Boys Academy, etc. However, the early years were full of challenges for him. He even auditioned for the leading role of the youth campus network drama Hello, Old Times but couldn’t make it.

Lin Yi Drama Partner
Lin Yi with Xu Lu and Xing Fei

Despite all challenges, the little star Lin Yi continued pursuing his dream. With his variety show appearances, he started gaining mainstream recognition. And finally, in 2019, Lin Yi made his acting debut in the romantic comedy web drama Put Your Head On My Shoulder. We must admit that Lin Yi is one of the Chinese actors with a powerful debut. After the series was released, everyone praised his acting even though it was his first drama. His on-screen chemistry with Xing Fei led to various fan meetings, especially in Bangkok. After all, Put Your Head on My Shoulder was a super hit in Thailand.

Afterward, Lin Yi starred in The Blessed Girl, Love Scenery, and Memory of Encaustic Tile. At present, he is working on upcoming shows and films. Therefore, his rising popularity and the long list of future projects indicate that Lin Yi’s net worth calculates in millions!

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What Is Lin Yi’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Chinese actor Lin Yi’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million (approximately). The rising star Lin Yi has been actively working as an actor and a model since 2019. Therefore, a part of Lin Yi’s salary comes from his acting profession, while the other is from his modeling career. Until now, Lin Yi has appeared in six dramas, and there are five upcoming shows under his name.

Therefore, it is not hard to detect that the actor has gained quite a large fandom. Especially his dramas, Put Your Head on My Shoulder and Love Scenery, had gained attention bringing him more fame on the international level. So considering his rising popularity, Lin Yi must be charging thousand dollars per episode.

Lin Yi's Net Worth
Lin Yi

Besides his acting, Lin Yi has shown off fantastic entrainment skills, which are necessary to survive in this growing Chinese Entertainment Industry. The actor has appeared in Handsome Youth Society, Happy Camp, Crazy Wardrobe, Let’s Go Skiing, and many more Chinese variety shows. Furthermore, he has delivered an outstanding performance in the 2022 One Week Friend film. Thus, fans are looking forward to Lin Yi’s upcoming shows such as The Only One, Daxi Make a Wish, The Bone’s Aroma, Jump Into The Show, etc.

Furthermore, fans should get ready for another romance masterpiece. Lin Yi has been confirmed as the main lead for the upcoming film My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday. It is an adaptation of the Japanese film of the same title, starring Lin Yi and Zhou Ye! Therefore, there is no doubt that Lin Yi’s net worth is the fruit of his impressive performances and growing popularity!

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