Lightning God Enel Is Returning


Enel first appeared at Skypiea arc, as the God of Skypiea. He possessed the power of Goro Goro no Mi, which is a Logia type of Devil Fruit, which can control lightning and even produce it. Being a Logia, it gave Enel the powers to turn into lightning as well.

Enel is a Birkan, But he pretends himself that he wasn’t Born on Birka, just in the Fairy Vearth, which he indicates the Moon as a “sky island.”

He even crushed the Mugiwara Pirates; he is potentially one of the most influential characters in the world. The only reason Luffy won was that he was the exact thing perfectly suited to beat him. It was shown that Enel had a master idea in his mind. He wanted to travel to the Fairy Vearth. For this, he had a blueprint available and thanks to Gan Fall’s workers, he had his personal ship, that could travel using his Devil Fruit powers.

If you remember well, after his battle with Luffy, Enel said that thanks to Luffy and his crew he got more curious in the Blue Sea and that he’ll back for certain one day.

So as we have noticed in the New World, Urouge went to Raijin Island. Now I don’t understand how an island like that can have many inhabitants, so I was questioning if Enel was staying there if he ever chooses to come back from the Fairy Vearth?

Enel is lightning so he would hold no difficulty staying on Raijin Island.
Besides, I think Urouge and Enel have some form of connection. Maybe they knew individually from the past?
We all know, Enel is a Birkan and Birkans are recognized for wearing wings that face downwards, While the Skypiean do not as they are separate. Urouge also appears to wear a Birkan wings on his back so what if he is also a Birkan and left Birka because it was crushed by Enel.

As Urouge reached Raijin island, it was the only part of the series when he stopped laughing. Do you think Urogue recognizes Enel is there?

Oda himself mentioned that if Enel were on the Blue Sea, his bounty would be around 500 million berries, and I believe that was a clue that we’re going to see Enel confront Luffy once again. After learning all about the people of the Moon, he will definitely come back, because there won’t be any purpose in living on the moon anymore. Only knowledge existed on the Moon, and Enel would’ve learned that by now. I think it’s perfect time for Enel to return to the series.