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Light Novel ‘Black Summoner’ Gets Anime Adaptation

Black Summoner anime adaption announced
Black Summoner anime adaption announced

A recent announcement regarding the release of another anime series is coming straight from Japan. Till now we have welcomed many anime series which include some from shonen, shoujo, josei. This is the time to welcome an isekai anime that can be your favorite fantasy series of this year. Bushiroad move has recently announced that the light novel series called “Black Summoner” is getting an anime adaption. Its been 6 years since the debut of the light novel and since then the creators didn’t share any words on projects regarding it. However, a good isekai anime is something that always ranks high and is loved by people.

The light novel and manga oF Black Summoner have already received a lot of popularity and this is the right time to get them adapted into an anime. Black Summoner light novel by Doufu Mayoi and illustrated by Kurogin was published by Overlap publications. A digital print of the same was released by J-Novel Club simultaneously with the original light novel. Both the prints made their debut on 25th June 2016 and are still ongoing adding on to the collection of 15 volumes. The light novel is an adaption of the original novel series by the same author that was released on 6th October 2014. Whether it is a novel, light novel, or manga the plot of Black Summoner was loved in every form, the same is expected from the upcoming anime series.

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About Black Summoner

After the release of the Light Novel series, a manga adaption of Black Summoner was released. The manga followed the same plot but this time was illustrated by Gin Ammo. It was published by the Overlap publications and similarly like the light novel, its digital print was released by J-Novel Club. The manga was serialized in Comic Gardo Magazine and was released on 11th January 2018. It is still ongoing and till now has been collected into 11 tankobon volumes. The anime adaption of the series is highly anticipated and now has become possible. Upcoming animes plot will follow the original plot from the manga light novel. Its plot is a definition of classic isekai and that goes around a protagonist who gets reincarnated or sent into a new fantasy world. Something similar to this is also going to happen in this series keeping the protagonist Kelvin in the center.

While leaving a not very happy life Kelvin one day wakes up in a strange place that is surprisingly new to him. The things hit him really hard when he was raised that he can’t recall anything from his past life. Neither his belongings nor the memories of the events related to his previous life stay intact. This is the result of him sacrificing his memories in exchange for superhuman abilities. Now lacks remembrances of before his renaissance but possesses powerful new abilities. In the new world he started living a life of a summoner with his followers being the goddess who brought him into this world. As he began to start his life as an adventurer, he discovered his inner self of a battle obsesses.

Black Summoner anime announced

Black Summoner anime announced

Light Novel ‘Black Summoner’ gets an anime adaptation

Bushiroad Move – a group of companies of Bushiroad corporation – have given out the announcement that light Novel Black Summoner is getting an anime adaption. The announcement came out on Thursday 17th February 2022 along with the voice cast and visual teaser of the anime. As per the details, the series is going to be produced by Satelight Studio which previously produced Fairy Tail under a collaboration with A-1 Pictures. Other than this, ‘Last Hope (2018)’, ‘Girly Air Force (2019)’ are some of its works. The direction of the Black Summoner will be handled by Yoshimasa Hiraike who also worked in the series like ‘Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku’, ‘Tokyo Ravens’, ‘Momokuri’ and others.

Black Summoner visual teaser

Black Summoner visual teaser

The three major casts for the main characters of the anime are released which include some well-known voice actors. You will get to see protagonist Kelvin by Koki Uchiyama, Efil by Manaka Iwami, and Melfina by Reina Ueda. According to official announcements, the series is scheduled to drop out in 2022 that is this year. A particular date and time for the release will be shared according to the likings of the creators. Stay tuned with us to catch up with the latest details on the upcoming anime series “Black Summoner”.

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