Light As A Feather Season 2: Release Date or Canceled?

In this post, we are going to talk about Light as a Feather season 2: release date or canceled? As we know, the show premiered last week, on 12 October 2018. As it is a Hulu show, all the episodes were released on the same day. I assume that majority of all the Hulu users must have watched the show, as it was one of the most trending shows of Hulu.

But we all have to admit, Hulu still has a limited number of subscribers, which may be a negative aspect of the streaming giant. Netflix is one of the oldest streaming services, so it really has an unseen advantage. But still, Light as a Feather managed to draw the attention of many critics as well as a huge number of viewers, which led us to write about its second season probability.

Light As A Feather Season 2

As we know, the show recently premiered, and Hulu will take time to see the statistical information on how the show performed. Moreover, it is hard to analyze the trends towards the show in just one week, so it is going to take time to receive any announcement from Hulu. Let me be clear, we are still more than a month away from even expecting an announcement about the show from Hulu.

However, if the show is renewed, then we can assume that it will be surely taking a year to come back. As the show is unique, Hulu will surely try to make it a regular show. Which means it will lead the show to premiere in October of next year presumably. Moreover, the first season included ten episodes, so we can assume a similar number of episodes in the upcoming season too!

This is everything we know about the second season of Light as a Feather, but still, we will need an official confirmation to conclude anything about this topic. Being said that, we will wait for the renewal or cancellation from Hulu. We will surely return with relative information!

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