Life Changing Quotes Of Might Guy From Naruto Shippuden

Might Guy Quotes
Might Guy

Naruto is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The shonen taught us how we could defeat even our fate which limits our own ability. The characters are very well written in the anime who chose the wrong path to bring change for the right cause. Each character leaves an impact on the show, which looks extremely good when we look up the whole anime from a far sight. One of the important characters who brought a huge impact on the show is Might Guy. In this article, we will look at some of his thoughts which will help us to achieve our goal too. So let’s get started.

Might Guy is the Jonin of Konohagakure also referred to as the blue beast of Konoha. He is an extreme user of Tai Jutsu. His power levels are beyond ultimate and were capable of opening inner chakra gates. He fought against many powerful shinobis, but his smile and dedication never felt short in front of anyone. He even gave a tough challenge to Madara and injured him badly by opening his Eight Gate. He considered Kakashi as his rival and always beat his limits to prove his strength. Thanks to Guy, his student, Lee also becomes a formidable shinobi capable of even surpassing him. Kisame Hoshigaki acknowledged him as a Tailed Beast without a Tail.

Here are some of his life-changing quotes by Might Guy:

1. It’s not always possible to do what we want to do, but it’s important to believe in something before you actually do it.

You won’t get what you desired in every circumstance. Sometimes, you need to make a decision call between what is right for you and what is needed to be done, and that’s something Guy taught us. We must believe in what we are doing even if the task is beyond our limits. Even if we get failed, still we will learn and move forward in life.

Might Guy

2. “You’re right, all efforts are pointless… If you don’t believe in yourself.”

You just can’t get things done if you can’t believe in yourself. You need to believe in yourself. Only then you can achieve what you are trying for. One thing which we surely learn from Might Guy is, He never looks down even while facing the God Level opponents. We should also face tough challenges with a smile on our faces.

Might Guy


3. “You Should Know The Power Of Youth”

Well, this looks like a single-phase line, but deep down, it has a meaning of utmost importance. The youth is the best time to work on our dreams, and this is the only time when you have the most amount of energy. You should not waste this phase of your life because it decided what you are gonna become. Might guy is the perfect example of Youth Power. As an old man said, Youth is to achieve your dreams, and old age is for enjoying them.

Here I come!- Might Guy

4. “What is with your attitude?! We’ll never be young like this again!”

Sometimes people waste their youth in showing unnecessary Ego. They forget that they only live their life once and should focus on other productive things. Might Guy always encourages everyone to push their limits and to utilize their youth time to the fullest. We should also not let waste this phase of our lives because this is the best time to work on our dreams and achieve them. Youth won’t come again, so make sure you use this time wisely.

Might Guy in fire

5. “He was a worthy opponent! A man who lived and died like a real shinobi! Kisame Hoshigaki! I’ll remember that name for the rest of my life!”

Might Guy said this after defeating Kisame in a fierce fight. Even though you don’t fight in real life like a Shinobi, this quote still has a lot of meaning in your life. When you meet some good guy or bad guy, never ever forget him. Always remember his name. Kisame was a very loyal shinobi who preferred dying over running away for the sake of his information. Might Guy is someone who won’t let someone die in vein.

Might Guy with his father

6. “When a man struts around like a peacock, acting like Mr. Big Stuff, he should keep his promises. Even if it kills him.”

A promise and his women’s heart. These are two things men should always care about. Might Guy teaches us the importance of promises and acknowledgments. The words you announced should be fulfilled in any way, even if it costs you your life. Might Guy never break his promise in the whole series and even fight with Madara Uchiha to keep his village and promise safe to Kakashi. This kind of attitude we all should have to achieve anything in life.


Might Guy fighting

7. “If you want to be free from your suffering, make up your mind. If you give up on your dream, you will suffer more.”

Personally, this is my favorite quote because it connects me with my mind. Never ever give up on your dreams. It may sound easy, but it will cost you your desired life and goal. It will make you suffer more in the future and hurt you in every way. The only way to end your suffering is to strengthen your mind and accept what challenges lie in your way. Giving up is not even the option we should have in our dictionary.

Might Guy

8. “Look deep into my eyes and accept my sincere apology! Also, notice my handsome manly features.”

One thing we all can learn from Might Guy is acceptance. We should always be down to earth and accept if we ever go wrong. Saying sorry always cleanses up the problems. Might Guy always acknowledges his mistakes to avoid further arguments. The other phrase of the above quote signifies the youth of Might Guy. Might Guy always gives extra focus on his youth because, as we talk about above, this is the peak time to achieve your goals.

Young Might Guy

9. “I was a failure when I was your age, but now I can even beat Kakashi, the elite genius. It’s only a matter of time until Lee finally surpasses you!”

Might Guy stated this quote to Neji. Might Guy is the guy who doesn’t know how to give up. All he knows is pushing limits until you achieve your dream. At one time, Guy was very weak in comparison with Kakashi, but his hard work and dedication made him the beast. He told Neji that he should not underestimate Lee as his hard work and determination might make him the beast too someday.

Angry Might Guy

10. “Gahh! Kakashi! You make me so mad! Why do you have to act so cool?!”

This quote signifies that Guy also had a funny side. There should be a child side in everybody because it eases up tension and frustration. A serious attitude may increase your focus and productivity, but a casual and child-like attitude sometimes keeps you away from depression and a mindset downfall. Might Guy was the ultimate Shinobi who feared Nations but in front of Kakashi, he was just an old friend Might Guy.

Opening Gates Might Guy

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