Li Xian’s Net Worth In 2022: How Much Does ‘Go Go Squid’ Star Make?

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Li Xian Net Worth
Li Xian's Net Worth

What is Li Xian’s net worth in 2022? This is what fans are curious about. They want to know more about the rising Chinese actor’s wealth. After all, he has risen to a new level of success with his exceptional acting in Go Go Squid. Furthermore, Li Xian has an entire separate fandom for his sweet heart-thumping chemistry with Go Go Squid’s co-star Yang Zi. However, his acting and modeling have made him a fan favorite. Therefore, there is no denying that Li Xian has worked hard to be where he is now.

The Chinese actor Li Xian was born on 19 October 1991 in Xianning but grew up in Jingzhou, Hubei. Initially, Li Xian was planning to study STEM in college but failed the examination. However, he retook the test and enrolled at Beijing Film Academy (Majoring in Acting). Despite facing challenges in the early years, Li Xian continued his journey. He started with supporting characters and finally climbed the ladder where he began to receive the leading roles. It is all result of his efforts and improved acting performance. No wonder Li Xian is the recipient of various awards such as The Actors of China Awards, Golden Rumdul Award, Esquire Man At His Best Awards, etc. All this indicates that Li Xian’s net worth is the paycheck for the outstanding performances he gave all those years!

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Career Journey – ‘From Supporting Role To Leading Star’

What the stardom Li Xian enjoys today is the result of his hard work. In the beginning, not everything turned out smoothly for him! Li Xian made his acting debut with a minor role in the 2012 Feng Shui. After the series, he acted in the 2012 romantic teen film Singing When We’re Young. The next few years were more challenging for the actor. However, 2019 was his breakthrough year when Li Xian starred in the esports romantic drama Go Go Squid. After Go Go Squid, the actor appeared in various dramas and movies such as Sword Dynasty, The Enigma of Arrival, Soul Snatcher, Schemes in Antiques, and many more!

Li Xian and Go Go Squid star Yang Zi
Li Xian and Go Go Squid star Yang Zi

Besides acting and modeling, Li Xina released numerous albums and OSTs, including Go Go Squid OST ‘Give to the Future,’ Red Fox Scholar OST ‘A Glorious Future,’ etc. Due to his breathtaking visuals, Li Xian also became a brand ambassador for various luxury brands as well as made it on the cover of multiple magazines. Therefore, it’s not astonishing that Li Xian’s net worth tallies in millions!

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What Is Li Xian’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Li Xian’s net worth is between $1 million to $5 million. After all, Li Xian has been actively working in the Chinese Entertainment Industry for more than a decade. Therefore, it’s predictable that a large part of Li Xian’s salary comes from his acting career. He has starred in more than 20 dramas and movies. Some of his films had brought millions of dollars in profit. For instance, Li Xian’s latest film, Schemes in Antiques, made $51+ million at the box office, while Soul Snatcher earned $19+ million. Even his previous movies did well, such as The Enigma of Arrival made a $3 million profile, while Nuts made $4.7 million.

Li Xian's Net Worth
Li Xian

Besides tv shows and movies, Li Xian is also the king of commercials. He has filmed 10 commercial films for Gemince CF, Honor P30 Pro, Acqua di Parma CF, etc. Therefore, dramas and commercial shooting bring more wealth and fame to Li Xian. He has endorsed luxury brands such as Chanel, Honor 30 series, PUMA, Airbnb, V6 Home Furniture, Atlantis Sanya, Estee Lauder’s Cosmetics and Skincare, etc. No wonder Li Xian earned Brand Value Star of the Year 2020.

There is no doubt that Li Xian is an excellent actor. After all, he has paved his way at the top with his outstanding acting skill and stunning visuals. His dazzling visual has also been covered in various magazines, such as GQ magazine, L’OFFICIELX, and Elle. Li Xian was also the first Chinese actor who graced the cover of the ‘Dazed Korea’ magazine. Therefore, it is not unexpected that Li Xian received various offers for music video appearances. Until now, he has participated in eight music videos. With his growing fame, Li Xian’s net worth is also increasing. However, no one can deny that all of his wealth and popularity are the fruit of his hard work and dream to be an outstanding actor!

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