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Level 16 Ending Explained & Plot Summary

Level 16 Ending Explained

In this article, we will be looking at Level 16 Ending Explained. For those who don’t know, Level 16 is a female-centric science fiction dystopian movie that was brought by Filmmaker Danishka Esterhazy in the year 2018. This muddying mystery has always been called by its fans an underrated movie. The movie has been appreciated for its world-building. The story of Level 16 is about a group of girls in an oppressive disciplinary institution. Since this movie has a lot of things to keep in mind, it’s natural that you may have some doubts regarding the ending of Level 16. In this article, we will be looking at Level 16 Ending Explained and everything you need to know.

The movie begins with the story of a group of girls, who live in a dystopian, isolated, and artificially lit windowless facility. In this facility, they have ideological indoctrination sessions, to save them from hysteria. where we could see them lining up to apply the cream on their face. When one girl named Sophia drops her cream, another girl Vivien leaves the line to help Sophia. Unfortunately, Vivien wasn’t able to get back on time and when it was her time to face the camera, she was not there and a couple of guards take Vivien away.

The movie tells the story of a group of girls, who live in a dystopian, isolated, and artificially lit windowless facility.

Level 16: Plot

As said in the beginning, the story of the movie takes place in a dystopian, isolated, and artificially lit windowless facility, where a great emphasis is placed on being clean. All of the girls in the facility start by living on level 0 as babies, the level increases as they grow older. level 16 is the stage where the girls reach Sixteen-year-old.

Throughout their lives in this facility, they are taught a very strict routine with military precision. The girls are given white dresses with their names on them and are told to put them on always. They were taught health, home skills, and etiquette. They are also taught to avoid vices like curiosity and anger. They should always keep everything neat and clean.

The girls are always living in constant fear of being punished with an unknown punishment if they are seen as unclean. While they are taught many things, they are still not taught how to read or write. All the girls in the facility were taught that the outside air is toxic. Among the girls, Sophia warns Vivien not to take the daily vitamins anymore.

Sophia warns Vivien not to take any of the daily vitamins that are given to them anymore.

On hearing this, Vivien initially brushes her off, but then decides to follow her advice when she saw the normally white pill as blue. Turns out that these blue pills in reality were sleeping pills. Vivien and Sophia do not eat these pills and they lie awake. When the guards came to their room, they pretend to be sleeping. Upon coming into the room, the guards took Vivien and another girl, Olivia, and are laid on beds in a furnished lounge.

The facility manager, Miss Brixhil, then presents the sleeping girls to an elderly couple, who chooses Olivia and makes plans to purchase her. Meanwhile, Vivien was returned to the bedroom. Suspicions of both Sofia and Vivien grew as they were injected with a mystery flu vaccine by the facility’s doctor, which caused them a lot of painful bruising.

Vivien manages to escape from the bedroom unseen at a night, and was able to trick the cameras, but was unable to open any of the doors without a key card. Sophia then says to Vivien that a guard with a limp has been coming, and she manages to steal a key card from the guard. She later gets caught and was searched by the guards but they weren’t able to find the keycard which she stole and was taken away.

The facility manager, Miss Brixhil, trained the girls in the facility. after making the girls sleep, she presents them to the customers to make purchases.

The other girls were warned that they will be severely punished daily until the card is found. Vivien finds out that Sophia had hidden the card in the headboard of her bed. With the card, Vivien escapes the bedroom at night and finds Miss Brixhil sitting in an office. On questioning, she didn’t answer where is Sophia, so Vivian beats her and stabs her with a needle.

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Level 16 Ending Explained

Vivian finds her way down to the bottom floor’s prison cells and finds Sophia in a cell. Together, they explore a makeshift operating theatre and found their missing friend, Rita, dead and skinned on a table. They came to realize that they are not in a school for girls, but are instead in a rejuvenation clinic. The girls are raised in a sterile environment without sunlight, so that the rich sponsors can pay to get their skin transplanted onto them, to make them appear more youthful.

Vivian beats Miss Brixhil and stabs her with a needle to force her to tell where is Sophia

Sophia and Vivien decide to escape from there and goes to the door at the top of the building. But Sophia insists on going back and saving other girls. But the other girls didn’t believe what Sophia t0old to them. It was at this time Vivien brought Miss Brixhil and forces her to tell the truth. Miss Brixhil tells the truth and is also revealed to have also had the surgery.

After learning the truth, Sophia and Vivien together lead the girls up to the escape door and out onto the street but was pursued by the guards. Sophia got shot and injured, but both girls were able to hide in a shed. The doctor comes and speaks to them through a barred window, to convince them to return. He reveals that all the girls’ birth parents had sold them to the school as babies.

Vivien cuts her face with a scalpel so the doctor cannot use her, while the doctor cries in anguish. The guards take the doctor aside. He was presumably shot for failing to sell the girls and pay them money. In the morning, the girls were found by Russian emergency services and taken to safety. The girls finally were able to live their lives

While the doctor cries in anguish as Vivien cuts her face with a scalp. The guards take the doctor aside. He was presumably shot for failing to sell the girls and pay them money.

The cast of Level 16

Now that we look at Level 16 Ending, let us look at the cast of the movie, who helped to get the movie in reel. The cast of Level 16 includes Katie Douglas as Vivien, Celina Martin as Sophia, Peter Outerbridge as Dr. Miro, Sara Canning as Miss Brazil, Sara DaSilva as young Vivien, and Lori Phun as young Sofia. Even though the movie has a very small cast, they still had done an amazing job in making the story believable.

The role of Doctor Miro was portrayed by Peter Outerbridge. Director of Level 16 Danishka Esterhazy had been admiring Peter for years and wanted him to be part of his movie. Sara Canning was a friend of Esterhazy who had previously played the lead part on her first feature film Black Field. Sara was cast as Brazil, which was specifically written for her in mind by Esterhazy. Katie Douglas, who played the role of Vivien, was a young emerging actress who impressed the crew upon her first audition. On commenting about Katie’s performances, Esterhazy had said that Every day on set she would surprise him in the very best way. This is a very honoring thing for an emerging actress.

Where was Level 16 Filmed

Since we now know about the Plot, ending, and the cast of Level 16, you may wonder where was Level 16 filmed? In this part of the article, we will be looking at that. The filming of Level 16 took place in an old police station in Toronto that was built back in the 1930s. Director Esterhazy was given complete freedom to use and adjust the building according to his needs and thus we were able to see the school in a very real and gritty appearance.

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