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Letterkenny Season 10: Renewal & Production Updates

When is Letterkenny season 10 coming out

Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom that has had a successful run of nine seasons so far. The sitcom is set to return soon with not only the tenth installment but also the eleventh one. Jared Keeso is the creator of the show, who also serves as the writer and a cast member. Keeso and Jacob Tierney, the director, have primarily written and developed the sitcom together. Apart from Keeso, the show also stars Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, and K. Trevor Wilson. The series had its start on YouTube as a web series, with the title, “Letterkenny Problems”. Crave commissioned the web series as a television series in March 2015. Making its debut in February 2016, the series later went on to air on The Comedy Network as well.

The cast includes Jared Keeso as Wayne and Michelle Mylett as his sister Katy. Nathan Dales plays the role of Dary while K. Trevor Wilson plays Squirrely Dan. Dylan Playfair plays the character of Riley and Andrew Herr plays Jonesy. Tyler Johnston plays the character of Stewart in Letterkenny. After considerable success with the sitcom and spin-off series in the works, Letterkenny has returned for the new season(s).

Who plays Katy in Letterkenny

The cast of Letterkenny.

What Is The Show About?

The show revolves around the residents of a fictional rural community in Ontario called Letterkenny. At the center of the show are siblings Wayne and Katy. They run a small farm and produce stand. Wayne’s friends Daryl and Squirrely Dan assist the siblings with their work. The show’s main focus is also on ice hockey players Riley and Jonesy. The best friends are a part of an on-and-off polyamorous relationship with Katy. We follow the small-town everyday life of all the eccentric Letterkenny residents and their various endeavors. There is an eclectic mix of people and their eccentricities that brings a healthy dose of humor.

Each episode follows a new storyline concerning the main characters traversing through different types of people. Often, the stories involve Wayne defending his “toughest guy in Letterkenny” title. He also keeps attempting to break up Katy’s relationship with men he’s not fond of. We also follow the local hockey team sometimes. The specialty of the hockey team is that it never wins. Meanwhile, the residents are, contrary to the cliché of small-town people, rather sharp and intelligent. It is a recurring gag in the series where we see an unexpected display of intelligence from the Letterkenny residents.

Letterkenny Season 10 Release Date

There is no official announcement regarding the release of Letterkenny season 10. The filming for season 10 as well as season 11 has already been completed. It’s just a matter of editing and post-production. It can’t be said exactly how long that stage will take for it to finally drop. However, with the pacing with which the production has wrapped up, it seems it could drop by the end of this year itself. However, we might also get to watch our favorite sitcom the next year.

Letterkenny season 10 release date

A still from Letterkenny season 9.

Letterkenny Season 10 Production Details

Confirmation for Letterkenny season 10 and 11 came back in September 2020. The filming for these two upcoming seasons was initially set to start in August 2020. However, Covid-19 restrictions delayed the production to well within the next year. The filming eventually began in June 2021. Following that, we recently got word from some of the leading actors that the production on seasons 10 and 11 has finally wrapped up. This is an especially good piece of news for the fans who will be getting twice the fun very soon. Taking to his Instagram, Tyler Johnston was the first one to officially announce the production wrap-up. Following that, Michelle Mylet also took to her Instagram and shared an image from the sets.

She also revealed to fans the exciting news of filming for two seasons at once. The actress also went to shed more light on the filming status for Letterkenny seasons 10 and 11. She took to her Instagram stories to tell the fans that they’ve finished filming for 14 episodes in total. This confirms that the next two installments of Letterkenny will run for 7 episodes each. The previous two seasons of the sitcom have also had 7 episodes each. Seeing how the show faced delays due to the pandemic, the wrapping of production for the next two seasons is impressive. Although we still don’t know when Letterkenny season 10 will finally drop, fans are hyped to know they’re getting two seasons.

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