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Spoilers & Preview: Let’s Make a Mug Too Episode 9

Let's Make a Mug Too
Let's Make a Mug Too

In the morning, Mika visited Himeno’s store and found Himeno’s grandmother and Himeno’s father. She told them she bumped with Himeno on her way here. She told Tokishiro that she had come here to enjoy her time while reading something. Mika prases Himeno’s store and how she enjoys coming here to hang out. They offer her a table, and she orders a cola since it is too hot. Sachie asks Mika about the book she is reading. Mika realizes that her secret is exposed.

Sachie asks if  Mika is reading tips on how she could win the upcoming contest. Mika replies that it is just a book that is helping her push time. Tokishiro offers Mika her drinks, and he started to talk about the past and the contest that Sachie attended when she was young. Mika gets bored and pretends like she is reading a book. Sachie reveals that one of the businessman’s daughters has invited her to the Bowl Contest show in the past, and she won it twice on TV. She also talks about the river that gets dried up every summer.

Previously on Let’s Make a Mug Too Episode 8

Sachie reveals that during the summer festival, they enjoy catching eels at the river. Himeno arrives, and Mika wonders how Himeno got here since she has left her back at Mapa. Himeno replies that she came back a long time ago, and Mika started dozing off while listening to Sachie and Tokishiro’s story. She reveals that Toko has gone somewhere for the summer festival, and they have a mascot. Mika got scared after seeing the green mascot. She finds that it is Nao and scolds her for pranking her.


The girls realize that it is hot and head somewhere to look for something that will cool them off. On the way, they spot Toko near the beach. Toko is relaxing enjoying shaved ice cream. Mika comments that how can Toko enjoy that alone when the sun is burning them. They both confront Toko, who asks Himeno what day is today.

Himeno took off her clothes and left with a swimming costume while commenting that it is summertime. Toko points at the beach, and the girls saw that other girls are enjoying catching eels. Mika is left surprised and realizes that no one told her about this. But she gets dressed and joins the other girls inside the beach. The girls enjoy racing, and Himeno suggests playing a game. She told the girls that whoever catches the most eels will win.

They begin to capture eels. After a long chase, Mika manages to catch one eel and shout that she has won. Nao gets out of the water, shaking her head, and comments that the actual winner has more than she has collected. The girls got impressed after seeing that Nao has captured more than five eels. Suddenly a mysterious green creature appears, and the girls realize it is a Kappa. Kappa signals the girls to follow him, and they both dive deep inside the beach.

Let's Make a Mug Too

Tanquir Quiz

Deep inside the beach, the girls wonder how they can breathe and talk simultaneously inside the water. Himeno comments that they might be inside a magical beach. They both arrive at the kingdom deep inside the beach. Kappa showed lead them to his master. Himeno and the girls wonder who is that mysterious monster hidden underneath the veil.

The veil got removed, and the girls realize that they know that person and that school uniform. Himeno comments that it is her grandmother Sachie at her young age. Sachie cheers the girls and perform a song, and told them that this is a Bowel Contest. The Kappa’s gave her 30 points, and she announces a Tanquir Quiz to the girls. Sachie reveals that Dr. Genius will be asking the girls questions, and the winner will get a  100 year supply of flattery bread.

Dr. Genius told the girls that they have to answer the question with a yes or a no. He asks if Himeno and Mika are the cutest girls amongst four of the pottery club girls. The girls reply that the answer is yes. Dr. Genius reveals that the answer is no and comments that Himeno and Mika are the cutest girls, but all four girls of the pottery club are cute. Mika gets angry that they didn’t win the 100 years free supply of flattery bread. Himeno asks Mika what she is talking about and told her to wake up since she was dreaming. Mika realizes that she fell asleep when Himeno’s family spoke about Sachie’s achievement at her young age.

Let’s Make a Mug Too Episode 9 Release Date

Let’s Make a Mug Too Episode 9 will release on Monday, 31 May 2021, at 10:30 PM JST. You can watch Let’s Make a Mug Too online on Crunchyroll.

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