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Let’s Fall In Love Season 3 Episode 3: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

Let's Fall In Love Season 3
Let's Fall In Love Season 3

Let’s Fall In Love Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date: Let’s fall in love is a reality show that focuses and observes the emotional thinking patterns of its respective participants. Since the third season is out, its main aim is to gather young and ambitious adults with their special characteristics and charisma. These participants have to live in Dali, Yunnan- a place known for its exemplary beauty and greenery.

And guess what? They have to spend every minute together. This will also include beautiful dates and romantic evenings to make them comfortable with each other. Viewers will get to see them talking and building up a bond every day through unique opportunities. Well, everything won’t be happy, things will be tough and questionable at times.

There will be fights, quarrels, and mood swings, but through this, we will come across the simplest ways of setting up a strong bond with humans. Because these things are evident among the new generation. Two new guests are appointed to observe them- Yi Nengjing and Zhu Zhengting. Their job is to make sure that these participants are going the right way. Through their bond, the guests will figure out whether it is a healthy relationship or not. Since the first two episodes are already out, let’s have a look at it and know more about the release date of Episode 3.

Let's Fall In Love Season 3

Yu-Shun (left) and Da-Ni (right)

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Episode 2: Recap

Towards the end of episode 1, we can see that Danny received 2 letters and Xing received none. Sad and upset, he walks back to his room, pretending to get one. The judges are discussing the possible scenarios. As per them, Xing is a really sweet guy who likes to help everyone around him, so, sadly, nobody wrote a letter for him. As the first episode starts, the judges are busy talking about the importance of marriage. Moreover, Wen-Long and Yu Shun are on a car ride talking about their careers and exploring the vicinity.

The first morning was a normal one wherein everybody got together to make breakfast. Jing Hang and Wen Long are making a strong move on the first day itself. As they both wrote letters to each other. It’s good to see them being awkward and happy at the same time, and guess what? They even invite each other for a date. Jiang Xing and Yu Shun are busy impressing Wen-Jun. While Dan-Ni moves out to spend the rest of the day by herself. Moreover, everybody’s curious to know where she’s off to.

Yang also leaves the breakfast table to go out. This, in turn, makes Wen-Jun even more confused because all the girls are going out except her. Well, Yu Shun decides to go out on a date with Dan-ni, and this makes Wen-Jun very sad. Even though he didn’t say it, but she knows she would have to go out with Xing. You Shun and Dan-ni are looking forward to their tie-dye date! On the other hand, Xing and Jun are exploring the market together to get some groceries. As the episode moves on, Wen-Jun is finally on a date with Yu-Shun. But his answers didn’t make the judges very happy. He was too general about his compliments, and that’s something they didn’t expect him to say to a girl.

Let’s Fall In Love Season 3 Episode 3: Release Date

Let’s Fall In Love Season 3 Episode 3 will release on October 13, 2021. The first two episodes aired on September 29 and October 6, respectively. This reality show will include 12 episodes in total, and it will end on December 15, 2021. Every episode has a duration of 1 Hour 57 minutes. You can easily watch this series on Youku, as it is the original network of Let’s fall in love. Towards the end of episode 2, they are all having a barbeque night together wherein they’re discussing their strange encounter with each other.

Each one of them expresses their feelings individually. On the other hand, Wen-long’s brother arrived for a day just to know more about the kind of girl he likes. Finally, the night comes to an end, and everybody has prepared their letters for their preferred partners. The judges, on the other hand, find Wen-jun to be a virtuous and decent girl as she’s good at doing all the household chores. Finally, it’s time to collect the letters.

Yang and Yu Shun head out first, and again Yang gets a letter from Long and vice versa. Yu-Shun received two letters from Wen Jun and Dan-ni. Just like the first day, Xing receives none, but he gives his letter to Wen-jun. She’s very upset because she expected it from Yu Shun. The episode ends with Dan-ni reading Yu Shun’s letter. Moreover, in the final note, the judges discuss all the possible things they can expect to bloom between the participants.

Let's Fall In Love Season 3

Jiang Xing and Wen-Jun

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